Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Monday!
I am taking some time today to do some funny little cat face expressions in my sketchbook.

Have a great week!



maya =^o^= said...

meeeooooow =^o^= so purrrrfect!!!!!!!!!

Serra55 said...

I love cats, too. Mine is half-Siamese. I rescued her from the Baltimore Humane Society last October. She and her littermates had been put out to the side of the road! Someone rescued them, tho, and I have her! She's got a temper on her. Talks all the time. I talk back at her. Doesn't like to be petted, and I'm going to try grain-free cat food to see if that helps. I'm the lady from LB2014 who left you a message on another of Sally Bowen...I hate all the non-choices there are for signing comments on blogger. I just want to give my name and email address...which is one I never check associated with blogger. So it's Anyway, I'm am a 100% pure dyed-in-the-wool cat lover. Always have been. Your cat is SO BIG. Mine is only 10 months. I wonder how big she will get? Anyway, nice once again to meet you, enjoyed your class, am working on it right now, and thought I'd have a look at your web page. HAD to comment on the kitty faces. So cute!