Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ball O' Cat

Lily has been getting a little upset that I haven't been adding any new pictures of her lately.

So here she is, curled into the tightest ball!

Have a great week folks!

Friday, September 28, 2007

I got a new toy!

Isn't it fun? I got one of those new ipod nanos. It is so cool! You can have tv shows, movies, music, and pictures on it!
I think it is fun to be out and run into a friend and be able to show pictures of some of my paintings just like that. Let's not forget about pictures of my kitties too :)
It is a really amazing little device. I am blown away at how technology has advaced in recent years.
Opie is too.

Today was a wild day with strange weather patterns. Sunny one minute, cloudy the next. It got so windy at one point too.
I took a picture off my balcony of the weather in the mix of sun and cloud. Yep, that's the CN Tower right there. The world's tallest building. I've lived here for years but have never gone up it. Someday I will...maybe....

More spooky paintings!

Okay, does this painting weird you out? I think it's kind of funny. I had a bunch of semi-freaky fish head images laying about, and I thought they'd look cool lined up at the bottom of a Halloween painting.
They ended up biting the kitties toes!

This fish biting painting is available in my shop on EBAY.

I am also selling this original acrylic painting on wood at my etsy shop. It is a fun cheery halloween painting.

You can directly purchase this at my shop.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What a day for a daydream

Opie has found his new favorite spot. It's up on top of the bookcase.
I put a blanket up there so that it would be softer for him. He has decided to make it into a little cave.
He spent the day daydreaming.

Postcard Fairy PRINT now at etsy!

I now have prints made of my Postcard Fairy!
She flew over to ETSY!
Talk to you soon~

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Last Day of Summer

Today is offically the last day of summer. It was the most gorgeous, hot summer day. No "near fall like" weather here. Just plain old SUMMER. My boyfriend and I decided we would spend the day outside and take it all in.
We started our sunny day with a snack at the Queen Mother Cafe.

The patio was open so we could enjoy the sun while snacking. We ordered a delicious toasted flat bread with Guacamole dip. The Guacamole was made with the usual avacado, but it also had mango and wasabi mixed in too! We loved it!

My boyfriend had a Caesar and I had a nice cup of Orange Pekoe tea. A lot of people were out today on the patio.

Then we headed across to Queen Street West to look at all the outdoor jewelry vendors. (I used to sell my handmade jewelry in this same location back in 1999 and 2000. My PRE-ebay days :)
What a super day to be shopping outdoors!

Then we headed to Kensington Market. My favorite shop there is Courage My Love.
They have the prettiest collection of beads. Here is a picture I took today of the bead display.

Then we had to stop off at my other favorite shop in Kensington Market called Global Cheese.
I have a *slight* cheese addiction :)
This is a picture of me pointing at my favorite cheese, Smoked Gouda. I had to get a big slice of it to take home.

It was a perfect day. I might have even got a bit of a burn from the sun. I hope the weather keeps up like this!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Fall is in the air

Even though today is an abnormally warm day this close to fall, I can still feel the difference.
The difference is in the light. During the summer months the sun changes direction and doesn't shine into my apartment. (Which is nice because it keeps it cool in here).
Then the fall, the sun slowly creeps in. By winter time, the sun is shining half way across my bedroom.
Opie noticed the sun just peeking onto his window perch.

This will be his first fall and winter. He isn't even one year old yet! For a kitty who is still a "kitten" he sure is getting BIG!
I looked over on the bed and there he was, laying there, looking so funny! I had to grab my camera and take a pic of him...again!

Opie is always doing something silly. He has a crazy sense of humor.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A mermaid and her cat-fish

If I were a mermaid, I would have to have a pet mercat.
My mermaid and her cat-fish can be bought on ebay right now. This mermaid and her mercat get along ... swimmingly :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I've lived in downtown Toronto for aprox. 15 years now. I really adore it. There is an energy that you can feel in the air. Today was a sunny, beautiful fall day. I decided to take my camera with me as I went to the post office (a daily ritual).

I passed by the hot dog and chip trucks. I love all the bright colors of the painted trucks. It is usually very busy with people, but this picture was taken at an off time when people were getting ready to go home from work. At lunch time all the business people on Bay street line up for their hotdogs. They like to eat them outside at Nathan Phillips Square in the sun by the fountain.

There is a man who does the MOST AMAZING chalk drawings I have ever seen! I can't even imagine how he is able to sketch out the drawing on the sidewalk and have it look so perfect. It always blows my mind every time I see his new drawings.

On my way back home I had to stop into some of my favorite stores. My most favorite is URBAN OUTFITTERS! I really love the off beat styles. Clothes are my weakness. Living downtown makes shopping very tempting indeed.

It was a great day! I hope it stays nice and sunny for a bunch more weeks.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

LADYBUG FAIRY flutters her way to esty

I have added my sweet ladybug fairy to my esty shop in the form of a 10"x8" print. Catch her before she flies away! (She's good luck)

My two sweet angels

My two little angels were on the bed today just begging to be photographed. Lily is my 1 year old seal point siamese, and Opie is my 9 month of flame point siamese. Although, I think Opie may be turning out to be more of a cream point than a flame point. Both are so darling! I love them to bits :)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Trick or Treat!

It started to feel like fall here, and then BOOM! Today it is blasting hot!
I did these Halloween paintings on one of the cooler, more fall-like days :)
Ebay paintings