Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting real

Every once in a while I try painting "real". Painting in a realistic way that represents something as it appears. I find it fun, like doing a puzzle. I think I do prefer my usual folksy, fun, wacky, imaginary style. See, when I paint that way, there is no right or wrong. I get very caught up in what isn't right about my realistic paintings. I do like the pigs that I painted recently.

I like the soft pastel colors in that one, and the expression in his eyes. Once I do paint an animal in a realistic way, I learn more about what they look like for when I stylize them in a folk style.

I painted this self portrait today. It was challenging, that's for sure! Just thought I'd show you something different I've been working on. It's always good to try something different every once in a while to keep your imagination sharp :) xoxo