Sunday, January 16, 2011

EXCITING NEWS for the new year!

This is going to be a very exciting year over here in my little studio! 2011 is the year my licensed line of merchandise will be hitting the shelves! WOO HOO!
Over a year ago, giant gift developer DEMDACO contacted me and asked me to join their team. What a blessing! I have been working with them ever since to help develop a line of merchandise called ...... are you ready?
TASCHA'S WORLD LOL! Yep. Welcome to my world :)

There will be a lot of Christmas ornaments for next years Christmas as well as other goodies. I am so excited! Currently my line of merchandise is at the Atlanta Gift Show for all the buyers to see. I will keep you all posted as to where to buy from and maybe I will be able to get some items myself and sell them on line. To keep up to the minute with my art you can find me on facebook HERE. I post quite regularly there with lots of photos.

This year looks very promising! HUGS TO ALL!