Sunday, September 30, 2012

wooden bracelet sketching

I bought a wooden bracelet at the craft store the other day. It was so smooth I felt it to be a crime to paint on it. I got out my black ink pen and began to draw. Free hand, no sketching out ideas ahead of time. I just let the lines go where they wanted to. Then, when the black lines were complete, I colored it in using pencil crayons. I topped it off with a clear gloss varnish. The image is of a girl holding an orange cat. Her long patterned skirt going all the way around with her little red shoes almost meeting her head.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New products hitting the shelves this month!

Greetings! It is always such a thrilling feeling to see my artwork take on different forms and spread it's wings and fly all over the world. This month I would love to show you two new products hitting the shelves.
The beautiful people at Jelly the Pug have made sweet lunch boxes that feature my little babushka with a pug :) Peanut butter and jelly never looked so good ;)
I am also thrilled to see the new display of Halloween cards from Allport Editions! Can you spot my cute little halloween girls and the cute little witchy-poo? Squeeeeel! So exciting! That is what is new around here for the month of September. Oh and did I mention my online class is up again in case you missed it the first time?
Class just started and already everyone is drawing up a storm! The class runs till Nov. 3rd so there is plenty of time to jump in on the action. Sign up here! Cheers everyone! xoxo