Thursday, May 29, 2008


*Squeals in delight*

The fabulous Bre (an etsy administrator...who ALSO has some grey in his hair :) ) found me on youtube and did an article about me at etsy's storque!!!
Bre is part of the etsy youtube channel that I subscribe to. They always have really informative videos related to people who sell on etsy.

To read the article Bre wrote about me CLICK HERE

New prints in the etsy shop!

Hey y'all! Hope your week is going well. Just a quick post to let you know that I have added two new prints to my etsy shop. I have a sweet Frida print from a painting I did a while ago, plus the "cat walk" print is now available!

Hugs to all!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flying free

Thank you all so much for your encouragement on my decision to let my hair go natural. Years of coloring my hair and straightening it, and now curly and grey :)

I even colored it when I wasn't going grey. I remember wishing I was blonde when I was about 15 years old. I heard that it was peroxide that made your hair blonde, so I bought a bottle. It didn't work at all....I just ended up with bright orange highlights. Throughout high school I tried streaking my hair (with a real kit this time). I dyed my hair to be a redhead, like Molly Ringwald. I had it jet black....I think I was *trying* to be Cleopatra with the bangs straight across my forehead. You can imagine the work that went into getting my curly hair straight. I even went blonde WOW! DO I LOOK AWFUL AS A BLONDE! That only lasted a week. Oh! I forgot about the purple hair and the pink hair.....anyways, now it's me. Pure and simple. Flying free!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

And the winner is....

500 youtube subscribers!!!

YIPPEE! I finally hit the 500 subscriber mark on youtube!!! WOO HOO! In celebration, I am giving away this Frida Kahlo print:
I will make the draw TONIGHT!!! Leave me a comment here, and tonight at 8 EST I will make a draw for the winner! Good luck!
*The contest is now closed, I will be back shortly with the winner!*

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A follow up...

I just want to follow up to my last post about grey hair.
I have nothing against people dying their hair. I totally understand the love of *color*! When I was in Art School I colored my hair BRIGHT PURPLE! (I will have to find a picture) I felt like a peacock with my bright, blinding purple hair. I thought (and still do) that it was very pretty. Likewise dying your hair to become a redhead or platinum blonde is stunning and fun for the eyes. I appreciate the creativity of hair and makeup. Heck, I even was a makeup artist for a couple of years! I dig it for it's artistic expression. But for me now, I feel like I am going to face something (AGE) head on by looking it in the mirror everyday and accepting it. This is just me. I don't have an office job where there are the pressures to look a certain way. I am lucky to work at home and have a boyfriend who is very welcoming of my hair becoming grey. So I am lucky that my situation is such and this makes the choice for me a lot easier than for most people.
Anderson Cooper is one of the only young people in the media I can think of who is going grey....and of course he's a man. There aren't many women willing to let it be. It's hard for a woman to go grey. Like I said, thanks to my special circumstances I am able to, quite freely, make the choice to go grey. I fully understand that the choice is not as easy for others. As I said in my last post, it's what's inside that counts, whether you dye your hair or not :)

Going Grey

You probably can't tell because the videos always seem to make my hair seem dark, but I'm going grey. I have been for a while. Not big time, but enough. I decided last year to stop dying my hair. So very *S L O W L Y* my hair has been growing out and coming in grey. I have two major grey streaks on each temple and a fair amount of grey on the top of my head. My decision to just "let it be" was not an easy one. I tried many times last year to stop dying it, but I would cave in once the roots started showing. Last summer I decided to just do it and wear hats all winter so that the growing out phase wasn't as noticeable. Every so often trimming away the dyed ends. Now I am happy to say I just have a little tiny bit of color left on the ends that I will be cutting off in a month or two. Then I will have 100% natural hair. Phew.
I've enjoying the camera not showing how grey I've become. But I know that when I start shooting outside in the sun, it WILL show. My grey hair will be official.
It's been a hard transition for me, but I am determined to be natural. I don't like chemicals for starters, the fumes from the dye always bother me. Also I just want to be me. I earned these grey hairs LOL! It is who I am. Why should I try and look younger than I am? This is me. Sure I know I would look "better" with colored hair....but it wouldn't be me. All those tv shows where they try and make you look "10 years younger". It's really quite insensitive. Who cares what people on the street think? This is my stand on the issue. I really don't care how old strangers think I am. (You guys are another story :)
Seriously, I am going to accept that I'm aging and I'm not going to fight it.
The bottom line is, "It's what's inside that counts."

Monday, May 19, 2008

Victoria Day

This was the "long weekend" here in Canada. The Victoria Day weekend. Everyone had Monday off. This means, no post office runs for me. No shopping either! :(
I stayed in because it was a lot cooler out than it should be. The weather lately has been below normal.
I did some Spring cleaning. I am slowly getting my balcony fixed up for the summer. I usually plant tomato plants in pots and geraniums in window boxes. Geraniums are always so colorful and they seem to be very strong plants! They are always a favorite of mine. I usually get a mix of red ones and pink ones.
Thank you all for your comments on my banner post. I read all of them and take everything you all say to heart.
Hope you all had a super weekend too!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New banner

This is my new banner...I'm not sure if i like it or not.
This was the old one:

What do you think?
*You know, now that I see the two together, I think I will go back to the old one. The new one seems blurry to me*
ALSO...the sweet Babs from GingerCatCottage did a little write up about me on her blog! Thanks Babs! xoxo

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On the cat walk

Lizzy has her "cat hat" on and is taking her kitty out for a cat walk :)

You can walk Lizzy right to your doorstep, she's up for sale at my etsy shop. * SOLD *

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Treats, a blue dog and tagged!

I have a new video up as you can see of a wood burning painting I did:

This blue doggie is currently up for auction on ebay.

I also got a sweet package in the mail from Marinna over at her esty shop shoestringgallery! Aren't these charms darling?!!!

Also Wyanne tagged me :)
I've been tagged a couple of times before, so I will try and come up with something new soon.
BUSY DAY indeed!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I'm UPDATING my ETSY SHOP tomorrow at around 1 pm EST with prints, originals, and Little Lizzy herself.

See ya there!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Little Lizzy in 3-D

I've been working on bringing little Lizzy to life in doll form. Her hair-do came out cock-eyed. I had to laugh when I saw it. A beautiful mistake. This picture doesn't do her justice, or me for that matter LOL! The lighting is all off. Just a quick peek to let you know what I've been up to.

Little Lizzy's arms stick out to give you a hug.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Illustration Friday: SEED

This is my entry for this weeks Illustration Friday theme of "SEED".

My little seedling painting is up for grabs at auction on ebay


Thank you all so much for entering! Here is the draw to find out the winner:

I'll be making the draw tonight!


It will take me a while to print out all the names and shoot the video of the draw.
I figure I should have it ready by 9 PM est.
Check back to see who won!


Saturday, May 3, 2008


This contest is now closed. Thanks to all that entered!
I have this ORIGINAL 5"x7" watercolor painting of a sweet sleeping ladybug baby girl:

I painted her with watercolors and used pen and ink.


This is a print of a bee fairy sized at 10"x8"!!!
You will be winning BOTH!!!
Enter a comment on this post and on Monday night I will draw for a winner.

Hugs to all~

Friday, May 2, 2008


Wood burning is fun! (A little dangerous...but fun...)

I've been painting on wood for years and really enjoy it. I love the way the paint soaks into the wood. Lately I've been experimenting with pyrography, which is wood burning. The tool, which looks like a soldering iron is used like a pencil to draw images on wood. It's pretty fun!

"Angel of Love" is currently available at auction on ebay.