Sunday, April 20, 2014

Painting LARGE

Lately I have been experimenting with painting LARGE. I am known for my little paintings, so this is something new. I love painting small because I can really get right into the painting and focus. Working big is a whole different feeling! I have to really look around and use my whole arm to paint instead of just my hand.

Painting large means using bigger brushes and larger brush strokes.

It is challenging and sometimes I feel I have to tone down my usual palette because it becomes over powering at such a large scale.

For fun, I am trying out some abstract paintings. I really love it!

I like trying this new art style, but I think I will continue to paint small for the most part. You can always find my new artwork in my etsy shop



Rebecca said...

I think those are wonderful! I especially love your abstract. The composition is gorgeous and I adore how you used such sweet colors. <3

Serra55 said...

I just watched your Lifebook 2014 class and popped on over to see more of your work. Your little girl figures are adorable! These paintings in particular are lovely. Would love to hang them on my wall. :) Well, nice to meet you, maybe I will see you over at the facebook 2014 page after I finish my project.

Alana AvendaƱo said...

I really want to thank you, because you gave me the inspiration I needed to start painting again...I'm going through difficult times and these two days I spent painting where the happiest in a long time...thanks for your beautiful art!!!