Monday, June 28, 2010

Wild and Wooly

Well folks, it's been a wild and wooly few days here in Toronto. First off we had an earthquake here. Not a big one, but one big enough to make the pictures on my wall swing back and forth. One big enough to make my cat Lily's tail puff up in fear for 10 minutes. I have been through 2 other earthquakes and none lasted as long as this one. It was probably about 15 seconds long. The others I felt lasted about 5 seconds. It kind of freaked me out that it wasn't stopping right away. No harm was done and everything went right back to normal.

Then the G20 summit came to town...

The above photo is taken from my balcony. It was taken moments before the riots broke out. You may have heard about the riots. They were all happening right outside my home. A little nerve racking to say the least.
I am hoping that tomorrow everything will be back to normal and I can go back to my day to day life. Minus any natural disasters or mass hysteria :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer! I think I'm a day or two late wishing you that, but that's okay. You were probably too busy soaking in the sun to notice :)
Just stopping in to let you know I've added some brand new prints to my etsy shop tonight. All your new favorites are there!

Time to go outside and enjoy this warm weather!
Talk to you soon!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bunny time!

With this warm weather we have lately, I got the urge to paint some bunny rabbits! It's "bunny time" (sing it in your head to the song "hammer time")

Soft and cuddly :)
Both paintings up for grabs on ebay.