Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Got the shorty coat :)

Hey y'all! I'm back from the Post office/mall. I go to the post office so much my name should be "tascha - post office - parkinson"! I don't even want to know how many hours total in a year I spend standing in line! I bet it would add up to a week!
So, I was on my way to get the shorty coat from H&M, when I saw this cute shorty coat at Old Navy:

(It looks much cuter in real life)
Anyway, I was SO WISHING my blogger friends were with me to tell me if they thought I should get the red one from Old Navy instead of the Grey one from H&M! You guys need to come up here and go shopping with me!
But I kept on going right to H&M and got the grey one!
Now that I have my shopping mojo in an uproar, I want to show you this cabinet from the Pottery Barn:

I love it!!!! They aren't all real drawers though. Only the top drawers are real drawers, the rest are attached to two large swinging doors.(P.S. this is two of these cabinets lined up together)
I love it! So if you happen to see it ever go on sale let me know! I will pop into the store now and then to check. I just might get it .... but only if it goes on sale.
HUGS for now!


Anonymous said...

:O The red one looks so pretty toooo!!
And H&M is just like my favorite shop in the world :P really :P

Ronnie said...

I am loving that chest. The STORAGE potential is drool worthy.
Pocket mirrors, cellophane bags, ribbon, paper, bubble wrap, could all fit!

Cheryl said...

I like the red one...

Sign up for Pottery Barn emails and then they will remind you to check every week or daughter slept in her crib until she was three...but she has a cool Pottery Barn bookcase bed (at a price I was willing to pay).

We Blog Artists said...

Red one cute but think the Grey had a better style to it...OMG...those Cupboards are SO me..I dream of having atleast one cupboard like that in my house in the future...I grew up in England with a mother who had 3 of was an old pharmasist's cupboard...awesome...please tell me too if it goes on sale!

GlorV1 said...

I like the red one. I think that is a good color for your creamy complexion. That chest is to die for. Wish I had it. Thx for sharing.

M.E. Greene said...

Both shorty coats are cute, so you can't go wrong either way. And I love that drawer/chest, too. You've got great style!

suze said...

I also had my eye on that chest. My jewelry box looks like it but with only 18 drawers. I think in your photo that it is actually two pieces put together.
I still like the gray coat. It is more stylish.
Thanks for your visit today.

Tammy said...

Love the red jacket and LOVE the chest. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Storage is a huge must as an artist and this can hide a plethora of paint in an instant! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh God, I LOVE apothecary chests. I hope it goes on sale soon for you!

By the way, that Ramsay book is still yours if you want it. You can reach me at

smileyjen1 -at- juno -dot- com

Jen ^_^

Jill said...

Hi Tascha! Glad you got your jacket~it looked great on you. Love the red (my fav color) Old Navy one too~very springy! I LOVE apothecary chests & vow to own one some day. The P.B. one is great, altho even on sale their stuff is usually more than I want to spend. I'll probably wait til I get lucky & find one at an antique shop. Happy Thursday to you & the kitties! ~ Jill

Liz said...

I like the gray one better! :) You look so good in that one... I guess we'd have to see you in the red one, LOL!

COOL drawer thingy!


LINDSAY said...

I just saw something very similar to this on craigslist. Do you have craigslist in Canada? Lots of cool stuff on there for really cheap :)

LINDSAY said...

I just saw something very similar to this on craigslist. Do you have craigslist in Canada? Lots of cool stuff on there for really cheap :)