Friday, October 25, 2013

Finishing touches

Hello Friends! I have been getting my ning network all suited up to support a various array of different on line art classes. As you may know I used to offer one at a time and then empty the school out and offer a different class once the other one had finished. Well, I have been renovating the site and now I can happily say, I have opened it up so that many classes can be taken at one time! YAY!!! FINALLY! Now you don't have to wait for one to be offered again if you missed it the first time, because they are ALL AVAILABLE! Oh I am so excited! I do hope you will join me over there at it is free to be a member. Here is the link to join: JOIN HERE
Have a look around, maybe you will see a class you like that you missed. OH.... and don't let me forget! NEXT WEEK "Cute Characters 2.0" will be launched! YAY!!! More on that later! See you soon!

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