Friday, September 3, 2010

Bedtime Stories

I like to read in bed. It calms my mind down and makes me sleepy. My cat Lily always snuggles behind my legs when I'm reading. She knows I'll be still for a long time so she makes herself comfortable.

I got a new comforter. It has pretty red cherry blossoms all over it. I loved the way it looked like a drawing so I had to get it. Lily made herself right at home on it. (She is making a silly face!)

Bedtime stories is up for grabs on ebay.
Sweet dreams!


rachel awes said...

this is
i feel the
of bedtime
by just
taking your

Anonymous said...

OMGosh, I love your work!

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Love Bedtime Stories … and you are so sweet to get Lily such a lovely new comforter! :)

Jill said...

I always read in bed before I go to sleep...and usually with a cat next to me! Love the painting ~ she looks just like you!

Yasmin said...

Hi Tascha, it is adorable your new painting.. your kitten seems so sweet.!
Have a beautiful week with cotton dreams.

Unknown said...

Flosse is so cute what kind of dog is she ? I also wanted to tell you I am so happy you finally found a place to call HOME.

Erica Herbert said...

cute little lady~ looks alot like YOU, gorgeous! xo

Grace Garton said...

Hi Tascha, I agree with Rachel, you can just feel the coziness. And the painting of Flosse,(lucky little pup)is just wonderful!

Sarah said...

Your kitty is so cute! I had a Siamese as a teen, and he was my best buddy.

Anonymous said...

Love the cat!

Anonymous said...

Love the cat!

GlorV1 said...

She is beautiful. Great work.

Dean Grey said...


So adorable!


Unknown said...

Grate painting, looks like a whimsical you... sweet motive.


melissa said...

your cat is adorable and I love the art.. The lady in your picture reminds me of my sons third grade teacher..

Contemporary Cloth Inc. said...

I love your work and of course, Lily. Love cats!!!!
Best to you,

Contemporary Cloth Inc. said...

Hi there!
Love your work and love Lily! Cats are the best! She is in heaven on your comforter...
Best to you,

Alba said...

Hi, I really liked the illustration on this post so I put it in my blog (and mentioned you, of course):

If you don´t feel fine about it please tell me and i´ll remove it.

Thanks a lot in advance and keep on doing your beautful work :)