Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Feelin' HOT HOT HOT!

WOW! Is it ever HOT here!!! We are on day 4 of a heat wave here in Toronto. I am soooo grateful to have air conditioning. Just walking to the post office wipes me out. It's like an oven out there!

When I was a kid I would swim in the pool at our condo every single day. I swam like a fish. Now that I have to wear glasses 24/7 I can't go swimming. Plus, I don't like what the chlorine does to my skin and hair.

Back then I didn't care! My hair was knotted and bleached out from the sun. I remember I had a swim suit that had little Canadian maple leaves down the sides. I was SO TANNED that where those little white leaves were I got a tan. Little tanned maple leaves down my sides. I remember I also had a barbie doll that would tan in the sun. Do you remember that doll? I can't remember her name, but she was so cool! After about 10 minutes in the sun, the barbie would have tan lines.

HA! I just found the commercial on youtube:

My newest painting is a mermaid. The best thing to be this time of year!
Up for grabs on ebay.


canngil said...

love the great beach in the commercial too!

elsie said...

I totally related to your carefree childhood swimming pool days - growing up in Miami I too spent endless hours in the pool and in the sun... lovely, lovely memories!

Heather Leavers said...

I've never heard of the dolls - maybe we didn't have them in the UK? Very cute - these days they'd come with health warnings about staying OUT of the sun!

Lauren M. Davis Folk Art! said...

Love the painting!!! I totally remember those pool days!! I was born in Pensacola Florida (where I live now) , but I grew up in Dallas Texas and would go to the local pool just about every day during the summer. I'd always get annoyed during "adult swim" time since if you were under a certain age you'd have to get out for awhile so the "older" people could swim, HAHA, that brings back so many memories!!! haha!! I even had a summer pass to Wet n Wild, those were fun days!!!!! Anyhow sorry to go on about that haha!!!! ~Hugs~ Lauren

Ayala Art said...

aw, I love mermaids! I used to love getting suntanned too, but there is a time for that.... not anymore! ha!

Janine said...

Everything that cools down is good.
Have a great weekend

Hybrid said...

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Dean Grey said...

Love the mermaid's red hair!