Tuesday, March 2, 2010

HI beautiful people!
I've been busy lately! But I'm kind of spinning my wheels. If anything actually comes to fruition I will tell you :)
For instance, I am bidding on a condo tomorrow....again....
Real estate here is played out like ebay, but on steroids. You see, for some crazy reason, here in Toronto you put a "bid" in to buy a home and the highest bid gets it. (Well in downtown Toronto anyway) It's not just any auction, it's a "blind auction", so you don't know what anyone else is bidding. I have a tendency to bid too low and lose out :P
Ah well, one of these days I'll snag one at a good price, right?
So there you go. Things like that have been taking a lot of my time, but nothing really comes of it. Hopefully this time I will be lucky.

I thought I'd paint a babushka with little baby foxes. I guess they are called a kit, cub or pup. I like baby :)
Babushka with baby foxes is up for grabs on ebay.
Hugs to all!


Unknown said...

real estate can be dicey anywhere! good luck with that AND getting your wheels on the ground... i love the new painting, btw!

Jennie said...

Beautiful! How do you get the background effect on the blue??

Janine said...

I love your ionnocent world and all happy creatures living there.
I am celebrating my first blogaversary, if you like you are very welcome to join in the giveaway and to grab the award.
Have a good week

andrea creates said...

Aw, good luck with your house hunt.At least when you win a bid you'll know it's for the best price:)
Love the little painting!

Bonafyde said...

Very Cute Tascha!

I wish you much luck on the Condo hunting... we are in the process of looking for a house and we have until April 1st to vacate our current one... yikes!

LuLu Mypinkturtle said...

Bonjour Tascha! Best of luck with your condo bidding, it is the same situation in Montreal too. A friend of mine is hunting for one right downtown and each time she thinks she might have a chance to win, she gets way over bid and the condo goes for much more money she thought it would ... Bravo for your little fox babies painting! It is so pretty! Hey, I saw two foxes yesterday running in a corn field covered with snow! Have a great day! LuLu

Diane said...

Love love love this! good luck with the bidding!

Karin Grow said...

good luck with the condo bidding.

The girl in this painting has such a wonderful sparkle to her. I love it!

Dean Grey said...

Good luck with the condo, Tascha!