Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

It went from being quite a mild start to the winter season to darn chilly in one day! WOW! My face nearly froze off coming home from the post office!
That inspired a cozy Winter Angel painting. She is dressed for the cold winter wind and her cat knows to keep his ear covered...he should be covering both ears, but who am I to judge a cat's fashion sense?

I enjoyed painting the "Deer Frida" painting so much, I decided to try something the same only different :P
Frida with a wee deer. Both of these paintings are up for grabs on ebay.
Sorry my ebay auctions have been a bit scarce lately. I didn't expect the paintings to sell so quickly! I am delighted they did mind you, I just hope you guys weren't getting bored waiting for new ones.

Thanks so much for all your kind Birthday wishes!
WARM hugs to all!


sMacThoughts said...

Oh Tascha, I just love that floating Chrismas Angel! And don'tcha just love frightful winter weather? It makes having a warm home, pets if you're lucky, a couch and blankie, maybe some cocoa all the more appreciated!

Ayala Art said...

Happy belated birthday!!!! I see you had a great time, that's good :oD
And your angel is so nice, I just wish it wasn't so cold in there for you. Here we have had ice on the yard for 3 days, but warms up later on in the day.
Keep warm!

Micki Wilde said...

Oh I do love the way you paint your deer, they are so pretty!
I'm glad you are still getting lots of sales with your paintings, I only wish I had the spare funds to buy one too ;)

Micki x

Janine said...

Oh this two paintings are so darling.
I love them!

audrey said...

Tascha, the angel is adorable, but all of your art is SO good, it is hard to top one over another.
I agree with sMac Thoughts ~ cold weather makes for more of a Christmas feeling!!
Happy Happy Christmas to you, Tascha!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful paintings! I love your "Santa-angel" :)

Jill said...

Oh I don't think we ever get bored waiting for your new creations! I just wish I could kick out paintings as fast as you can! LOVE the new angel & Frida! Stay warm ~ Jill

Susan - said...

Your Christmas Angel and Frida are so cheerful. The fantastic colors help warm up my winter chill. We too are having some very cold weather here is Seattle. Although my Canadian friends probably wouldn't think it's very cold.

Giovanna said...

Dear Tascha,
I love both paintings!!! I love the idea of the cat just covering one ear ;)
Happy belated birthday!!!!!
Have a lovely weekend!

Dean Grey said...


The winter angel painting brought a smile to my face. Cute!

And the Deer Frida is equally sweet. Frida has a way with animals, doesn't she? (~_^)


Parisa said...

Oh my goodness,these are gorgeous!!!!!!!!! BRILLIANT !!!

Boo said...

Hi There,
I just stumbled on your blog and I love your dolls! They are great.

I also saw this youtube video:

In this video you take inspiration from a pop-up book. Can you let me know what the name of this pop-up book is? Did you make it yourself?

Thanks a lot!

DMG said...

You never fail to inspire me, Tascha. The winter angel really puts me in the holiday spirit! She's so adorable, and now I want to paint something "Christmassy."

tascha said...

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments!
In regards to the pop up book in my video "living in a paper world" it is called
How to Find Flower Fairies (Hardcover)
Cicely Mary Barker

Boo said...

thanks a lot : ) i found the book at chapters and it is truly magical, just like your art!

Erica Herbert said...

hey cutie! LOVE your new paintings! just wanted to stop in & wish you a MERRY MERRY HO HO!!!