Saturday, October 4, 2008

It only hurts when I laugh

Back in April I had a white filling put into one of my front teeth. It was "quite a large filling" she said. Funny thing was, it was a small filling that was being replaced. Kind of like when you go to the hair dresser and ask for a "trim" and they cut four inches off. I feel like she may have drilled out more tooth than needed....but anyway all was well until about a month ago. That tooth started bothering me. I went back and got a different dentist and she filled the other side of that tooth and said that it should be fine. It's fine as long as I keep my mouth closed. If the air hits it, it hurts. So when I smile or laugh, it hurts. I might end up with a root canal. The whole thing is kind of bumming me out :(

On a happier note, here is a honey bear. She is holding a bee hive because she loves her sweets. Just like me. I love my sweets, but have not eaten any candy since July!!!! I have had some brownies, and donuts... but no candy! YAY!


Trish said...

I so know how you feel:( hope it stops hurting soon!
honeybear is adorable

RyoJul said...

I hate it when dentists do unecessary things. I've had it happen to my sister.

I love the hunny bear. She's so adorable.

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Ouchy~ But~ we gotta hang on to our
We have a small fortune invested in our teeth, here in this house. Especially my 2nd. son Ian.

His smile is worth big bucks.

I love visiting you~Amy~

Mariposa said...

This past year I've had two teeth abscesses and subsequently ended up having two root canals. Not fun, hon, not fun. Here is to hoping for no drilling! :)

Adorable painting!

LuLu Mypinkturtle said...

Bonjour Tascha! I know exactly what you mean by painful smiles. In winter, when I walk outside, I have to keep my mouth shut and not talk because my teeth become painful. So it is much easier to walk alone with the dogs than to blabber out with a walking friend... You better watch that laughing with the cold winds blowing up our way now... Are the leaves all fallend yet in your neck of the woods? Don't forget to visit my blog and tell us what would be your ultimate Halloween costume! I have a great prize for the winner! Your art is as beautiful as ever, keep up with the nice work. Have a great week! LuLu

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that your smile hurts. I have been blessed with healthy teeth thus far, but did have wisdom teeth pulled in my late 40's (and they seemed fine to me, but the dentist said they should go to prevent problems down the road). Well, three did ok, one made the next in line hurt like what you describe, and it all did get better over about a six month time period. All better now.
You have brightened so many of my days by letting me see what you are working on next. I admire you, and thank you!

Unknown said...

I HATE tooth issues! YUCK!!!!!

Jane said...

Love the painting! But then I love all your paintings! lol


suze said...

My poor DH has been suffering for what seems like forever. Then last week when he was having a cleaning his crown popped off. It was a new crown and ever since they put it back on...NO pain! As for me my crown broke back in May and it is stuck between my teeth and the insurance won't pay until November because a crown is SUPPOSED to last 5 years. Well, it doesn't hurt and i can still floss it so I waited out my time and will have it fixed next month. They were all too willing to finance the $850.00.That is a lot of art supplies!
Love the painting!

Cindy Silverstein said...

Hi Tasha,

I had my first root canal recently after putting it off for at least a year and putting up with the pain associated with heat, cold, pressure, as well as referred pain in parts of my face. I finally had it done and am so happy now with my pain free mouth. It was about 3 weeks of discomfort but it was so worth it. Make sure you go to the best doctor available.

I love your work, and look at it often; it's so cheerful and uplifting.

Best regards, Cindy

Anonymous said...

I have a back tooth that lost its filling a while back...for a while there, the pain was pretty excruciating. So I know how bad it can be! Aspirin helped, for what it's worth. :oP

Vickie said...

Your honey bear is so cute. I do hope your tooth will get feeling better. Your problem has brought out the hypcondria in all of us. I endured loosing a molar a couple of years ago, having it replaced with a wonderful implant. The best way to describe getting an implant is "having a tire changed inside your head." My dentist was very kind and gentle through it all.

Anonymous said...

I hope your tooth feels better soon.