Wednesday, February 27, 2008

3 Random Facts Part 2

Hey Y'all!

The sweet Krissy has tagged me to tell 5 random facts. I did do this a couple of months ago, and I am having trouble coming up with 5 new facts. I have thought of 3 new ones for now.
Since I tagged people before, this time around I will ask you the reader to add a random fact about yourself in the comment section, just for fun!

Fact #1
I'm sensitive to fragrances. ALL fragrances. I can't be around, perfume, air fresheners, scented cleaning products, fabric softener sheets, you name it. If it is scented, I will get a migraine from it. So everything I own is unscented.

Fact #2
I collect decorative tape. This is a rather recent thing. I just love all the different patterns and designs. They are so much fun! I have about 30 different rolls. I like to use them on the boxes I ship.

Fact #3
When I was a teenager, I loved the movie "The Outsiders" so much that I watched it about 300 times. I knew it line for line. I had my bedroom covered in posters of the stars (Rob Lowe, Matt Dillon, and Tom Howell).

It's your turn! Tell me a little tid bit about yourself :)


solamar7 said...

Your up early.. mmm or late..hee hee..
My random fact about myself is that I am "Cardinal Crazey" Growing up in Saskatchewan you never saw this outrageously beautiful bird. Now that I live in Ottawa I often have one sitting in my cedar bush singing as if it was talking right to me. I was told by an aboriginal girlfriend that the Cardinal was my "spirit Guide" or "Totem"
Is there an animal that keeps showing up in your life? Could be your spirit guide!

Brahdelt said...

1. Once in a while I sit down and sharpen all my pencils, I totally hate writing with almost finished graphite, yuk!
2. I am a texture freak, I love different textures and I always touch everything to check the surface for something interesting to feel under my fingers.
3. I never finish my paintings at one go, I paint a bit, come back to it on the next day, sometimes even later. The piece must settle well in my mind to be finished. *^v^*

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and your art Tascha. And excuse me but you mentioned the other stars of the Outsiders but you failed to mention Tom Cruise! :) I can't believe you didn't have a Tom Cruise poster in your room. lol Btw, your YouTube videos are great too. Thanks!

tascha said...

HI Karen!
I wasn't up early.....I hadn't gone to bed yet! LOL!
Cardinals are such pretty birds. I just see Pigeons here in Toronto. :)

Hi Brahdelt!
I love textures too. I love those baby books that have all the different textures on each page.

Hi Linda!
I didn't have any Tom Curise pictures. He wasn't one I liked (Sorry Tom!)
I was NUTS over Rob Lowe and Matt Dillon :)

Carol said...

I love those decorative tapes too! In fact, I discovered them through the packages that I've received from you.

I love coffee. One of my favorite brands is "Marques De Paiva" which is available at Sam's Club.

Carolyn said...

Oh I loved the Outsiders... I think I read the book 300 times, and my sisters were like you: had everyline memorized. To this day they still know them!
I'm with you... Rob Lowe and Matt Dillon were my faves... especially Matt! ***sigh!*** oh I go for those Bad Boys everytime!

whidbey islander said...

okay, i'll bite. random facts about me. one: just recently was introduced to youtube! how did i miss all the excitement for so long?? two: was the runner-up for "miss rogue river rooster crow pagaent" queen in 1974 (no laughing now, that's really a title. rogue river, oregon holds a "rooster crowing contest" every year in june! and yes, there was a queen crowned for the ocassion!!) three: my maternal grandmother's coz was richard nixon!! have a wonderful day, you all! wendy

tascha said...

Hi Carol!
I love coffee too, but I can only handle DECAF LOL! Coffee gets me too wired :P
(Here in Canada we are crazy for Tim Horton's's a bizarre obsession in this country)

HI Carolyn!
I read the book a bunch of times too. I loved all of S E Hinton's books. I loved the movie Rumble Fish too, but not as much as Th Outsiders.

HI whidbey islander!
I'd love to hear that crawing! cockadoodle doo!!!!

Red Shoe Artist said...

Hi Tascha,
The Outsiders was the only book to this day, that made me cry like a blubbering fool. I'm talking hysterical.
One random fact about me. I always have to wear the colour red somewhere, all the time. If red doesn't match the outfit I wear [very rare] then you can be assured it will be the underwear.... can't help it. And all my socks are red too, or have red in them or I won't wear them. Yes it's odd! but it's a fact.. have a nice day
I love Red!

tascha said...

Hi Suzi C!
I always cry at the outsider too. "Stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold" *sniff*

I love the color red! I like to put it in my paintings a lot. I feel it always adds that little punch.

suze said...

I just posted 6 random facts on my blog so I will do number 7 here. I am a RENT head. I see it whenever it plays. I wanted to see it on Broadway but I hear it is closing after 12 years.
That's awful about the migraines and scents. I get migraines from time to time. And whenever I go to the theatre someone with strong colonge sits near me and it ruins the play. At the movies you can move to another seat but not the theatre. My cousin is like you and just stays at home.
We used to go to Tim Hortens in Montreal for donuts.

Michelle said...

We must be the same generation! Loved the Outsiders too. Let's see, I liked brahdelt's #2, made me think of one of mine. I cannot go through a fabric store without touching everything! It is completely uncontrollable!

tascha said...

Hi Suze!
Oh I wish I had seen rent! It looked like a really fun musical. I don't think it is playing here in Toronto anymore :(

Hi Michelle!
I love fabric stores! I live in the entertainment/fashion district and there are fabric stores all over the place. I love the feel of stretch velvet :)

Unknown said...

I love those taps.....where do you get them from? The new paintings are also fab.

tascha said...

HI Lynne!
I get the tapes from ebay or etsy. You can type "deco tape" to find them.

Krissy said...

Hi Tascha. yes, love the outsiders but my absolute fave is
'16 Candles' with Molly Ringwald. It has got to be the absolute BEST 80's movie EVER! And the only book that has ever made me cry was 'Where the Red Fern Grows'. Man....that was a brutal one when I was in 8th grade!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tascha, I am sensitive to fragrance too. Fabric softener sheets are the worst. When I go for walks in my neighborhood, I have to tuck my head in my shirt when I pass houses doing laundry and the dryer vents are blowing. I can smell that stuff a mile away.Cough.
I have been tagged to list things about myself too, I was thinking of writing that blog post today. It is hard.
One for you: I have no first cousins, both my parents were only children.


tascha said...

HI Krissy art!
Ohhhh I loved Sixteen Candles too! I think I pretty much know that one off by art also :)

Hi shelagh!
Both my parents are only children also! I'm an only child so growing up, it was a house full of only children :)