Monday, January 21, 2008

Getting my "craft-station" ready

I sanded the table, put a turquoise wash on it. I stenciled gold stars all over it....sanded it again, and put a gloss coating.

Then I found this little lamp with gold stars all over the shade! A cute moon and star at the base. Perfect!

I just need some suggestions on what all I should put at my work station. Do you see where my pens are? That is a cutlery holder. (I'm not sure what they are called).

Do you have any suggestions?



Danita said...

Leave it like that! It's so clean and don't want it to end it up like mine :P

Apryl said...

That looks so cute, Tascha! I love it!


Unknown said...

Love the table and the way it has picked up the paint.

Melody said...

It looks great the way it is. I can't even see my table for all the clutter

sUz said...

hi taSchA,

The table looks great! I agree with dAniTa, leave it the way it is! They make great storage baskets you could stack and put under it to keep your essentials nearby.

Thanks for stopping by my shop!

iN jOy,

Anonymous said...

The table is wonderful Tascha!!! As I was looking at your table... I was thinking can I do that with my wooden floors???? My husband would never go for it but it's an idea. :)



LINDSAY said...

I saw this idea for small storage on sfgirlbybay's blog this morning. Using very affordable Fira Mini Chests, from Ikea, updated with scrap paper & a glue stick. They can sit on your table or be mounted to the wall above. Perfect for jewelry bits, glue, smallish paint tubes, etc...check it out, here's the link....

suze said...

Your table looks great! Just leave it and you will soon know exactly what you need to keep on it.I try to just keep the tools that I use daily on mine but gremlins come at night and fill up the whole table.

Kim said...

I'm with everyone else...leave it! It is gorgeous! I love the two colors together. You might think about getting something that is tall and spins, to keep your area clutter free yet have all of your supplies handy.

LuLu Mypinkturtle said...

Your table looks like the Caribean sea, with sea starts showing through... Very good job! What I do for storage is I buy old round-cornered flat suitcases, paint and collage them, and stack them under my working tables, in increasing order. They look unbelievable when renovated, hold a lot of stuff and are cute as hell!

Carol said...

I love your new table and agree with the others that it's best to keep it
uncluttered. My only suggestion is to
get a clamp-on Ott-Lite as that would
provide excellent light and keep your
desk uncluttered. They are a little expensive, but you can get them at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon.

Ms Dragonfly said...

i use jelly jars to hold pens, pencils, brushes, etc. on my desk! your desk turned out beautifully!!

JBMolina said...

I think it's perfect the way it is. OH I wish it was mine!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tascha! It's em...I think that sectioned basket for your pens is acutally a utensil caddy. i have one...they're great for picnics!
hey, did you notice the aqua background in my banner is a snippet, (well, actually a square) from a background from one of your paintings. I love it! I hope you are okay with that.

I didn't make any beeswax stuff yet. i have a magazine deadline and i don't have the doll done. Feb 1st is D day.


Citygirl.em said...

One more thing....I think you should call this your "inspiration station." It's absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wow Tascha, that looks great. You are inspiring me to fix up my area as well. Mine is such a mess at present, I wont even show it! Robin

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Tascha, Have you thought about putting another lamp on the other side. I like to do that myself. I think since your table is so big another one that is taller and something with a cool shade.

Make some cord covers with fabric to cover your lamp cords to add the extra touch as well.

Buy a canvas and section it off into different areas and have each one of your friends paint something in each square. Even if they are not painters they could do some kind of mixed media. Then proudly display on your desk with a cool easel.

Just a few suggestions.


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