Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My mom was in the paper!

WOO HOO! Mama you rock!

My mom Bonnie (the lady on the left) decided she wanted to give back to the community she grew up in. There is a community center now in the area (The Boy's and Girl's Club) that gives kids a place to spend time and do crafts. My mom decided to raise money for the organization by doing a painting of the main street. She is framing the prints and selling them with 100% of the money going to The Boy's and Girl's Club. Her highschool friend Joan helped out by writing a poem about the neightbourhood which will be given with every print.

This is a picture of the painting....the newsprint from the paper makes it hard to see.
If you are in the London Ontario area, stop by Walker's restaurant on Wellington St. and pick up one of these prints! It's for a great cause!


suze said...

Congrats to your Mom! It's always heartwarming when people give back to the community. The painting looks great. Now I see where you get your talent from.
suze :)

Soggy Dog Studios said...

Very Cool! I see the talent is genetic! - Kim

Anonymous said...

Oh~~ Artist's family =)
by da way, nice painting~