Friday, September 28, 2007

I got a new toy!

Isn't it fun? I got one of those new ipod nanos. It is so cool! You can have tv shows, movies, music, and pictures on it!
I think it is fun to be out and run into a friend and be able to show pictures of some of my paintings just like that. Let's not forget about pictures of my kitties too :)
It is a really amazing little device. I am blown away at how technology has advaced in recent years.
Opie is too.

Today was a wild day with strange weather patterns. Sunny one minute, cloudy the next. It got so windy at one point too.
I took a picture off my balcony of the weather in the mix of sun and cloud. Yep, that's the CN Tower right there. The world's tallest building. I've lived here for years but have never gone up it. Someday I will...maybe....


Anonymous said...

how did you your cat to do that?
Did you rub catip on your nano?

tascha said...

Hi Tyn! LOL! No I didn't rub catnip on it, Opie is just a super curious little guy. He always has to know what is going on.
Have a great weekend!

Lu said...

your new toy is lovely, but your paintings are that a word?

tascha said...

I like the word luverly :)