Sunday, July 5, 2009

I love the Samba Elégua!

Here in Toronto there is a group of musicians called the Samba Elégua. They often makes trips downtown in the summer to play their beats on the street. Whenever I hear those drums I go running out to see them like a kid when they hear the ice cream truck.
I just love that they dance down the street and make music! It is so much fun! It brings such a smile to my face. Today I heard them off in the distance, so I grabbed my video camera to show you what it is like.


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

AWESOME...isn't Toronto just Fab!
Love the video thanks for sharing Tascha!

elsiee said...

i LOVE the samba squad - I just spent the last 3:20 dancing in my computer chair! that is just too much happy fun!!

glorv1 said...

Wow, that was so much fun. I was dancing in my feet. How cool. Thanks for sharing and hope your Fourth was tops.

juanitatortilla said...

Oh my, they are fabulous!
Thank you for sharing. It's brightened my Monday morning, which is really cloudy.

Micki said...

Brilliant!! My daughter just watched it with me and made me play it again straight after lol, she loves music!

Micki x

Debra said...

Wow this is great. The closest we have to anything like this is when someone drives by with their speakers booming and they are keeping the beat by slapping their hand on the car door. Lucky You!

Georgina said... them. My 4 year old grandson and i just finished dancing and wants me to roll the film here we go...our morning samba sound and dance...Thanks..this is fun!!!

jane said...

Thanks for running down there and getting that video! It really brightened up my day.

Vickie said...

Cool! Fun:)

Janine said...

Hi Tascha,
this really sounds like holiday, summer, sun and good mood.
I managed to understand paypal
(at last), so you should get the money for the prints soon.
I give you an award, cause you are an awesome artist and you seem to be such a congenial person.
You can get it on my blog, if you want.
Have a great week, with lots of samba

Victorian Lady said...

How fun! :) I would run out there too! :)


Ronnie said...

The mother of two drummers! I'm at home! Love this idea.

Jerdleluvsjapan said...

Wow, how fun. It must be fun living in a city... nothing much ever happens in my little neck of the woods.

Doris said...

Ohhh, I love that Samba Squad!! It is similar to the music that we have here in Puerto Rico. Thanks for sharing!

Karin Grow said...

That is so cool! We need a samba squad here. Maybe I'll start one?? Karin

lea goldberg said...


oldblackcatboo said...

Thanks! I needed that!

The Vintage Sister said...

I need to move to a street where there is more action! The only thing I hear all day is the occasional UPS van:) Lucky girl:)

Giovanna said...

Oh my God! I adore the Samba Squat, in fact I've always loved Samba, I love dancing it too. The Samba Squat reminds me so much one of my favorite movies: "The Visitor". Thanks for sharing it with us Tascha :)
Boho Market

Samba Elégua said...

Hi Tascha and readers,

Thanks for posting a video and for your enthusiasm. Glad you like us!

However -- an important correction!

But this video features **Samba Elégua, NOT Samba Squad** -- two different groups entirely (though definitely similar in terms of the combo of Brazilian instruments, samba drum ensemble format (leader on whistle and repenique, sections of the other drums), and these two particular groups also tag on some form of "world/samba fusion" qualifier).

Can you please change the text in the video and post to reflect this? Since you enjoyed our music (thinking we were SSQ), it's only fair, no?

You can find out more about Samba Elégua via these links:

Jonathan Rothman
Co-Musical Director
Samba Elégua
(and the guy leading the drum ensemble in this video)

PS: Thanks to Becky S. of Samba Squad for pointing out the error.

Samba Elégua said...

Obrigado Tascha for changing that so quickly!

Word up also to Samba Squad for their mad batuque abilities, led and taught by Toronto percussion legend Rick Lazar.

- J.R. of SE