Monday, May 19, 2008

Victoria Day

This was the "long weekend" here in Canada. The Victoria Day weekend. Everyone had Monday off. This means, no post office runs for me. No shopping either! :(
I stayed in because it was a lot cooler out than it should be. The weather lately has been below normal.
I did some Spring cleaning. I am slowly getting my balcony fixed up for the summer. I usually plant tomato plants in pots and geraniums in window boxes. Geraniums are always so colorful and they seem to be very strong plants! They are always a favorite of mine. I usually get a mix of red ones and pink ones.
Thank you all for your comments on my banner post. I read all of them and take everything you all say to heart.
Hope you all had a super weekend too!


Dee said...

Tascha that sounds lovely, I used to always have a balcony garden in Mumbai all the year round.

I was browsing your Flick r gallery and I was struck by the beautiful use of colours, I admire your style. Your themes and titles, faces of frida and the way you have portrayed folk art is truely a celebration.

Am a BIG fan.



Carolyn said...

Our American holiday is coming up this weekend.... except a few of us have to work. :c ( The post office is closed, but retail business are all open. (chasing the Almighty Dollar).In fact, where I work it is the busiest weekend of the year. So while most people are enjoying relaxation and cookouts with their families, I'll be working..... poor poor pitiful me!

the weather here in Detroit is nearly identical to that in Toronto..... we are FINALLY getting some warm weather at the end of the week, just in time for the holiday! So you should be getting warmer temps soon!

shelagh said...

It's been really cold here in Nova Scotia too. Brr.
I love geraniums too, I plant them in pots. I also plant nasturtium seeds and love those. So cheery and colourful. You can eat them too. Really. I put them in a salad or garnish a dessert with them. Another beautiful flower is borage. Periwinkle blue and it also can be eaten.

turquoise cro said...

I LOVE geraniums, the pink and red too, a few white! They just last all summer and into the fall is why I LOVE them, also petunias, these are 2 flowers I ALWAYS buy! I ALWAYS plant a bunch of COSMOS too, they have seeds every year YOU can harvest for the next year!!! WOOT! for flowers!

Adriana Whitney said...

I would love to plant some flowers this year. The weather here is SO HOT *argh* and sticky (Houston, Texas) that yard work is not in my to do list this week.
Have fun with the flowers :)
Adri xoxo

Vickie said...

I planted violet geraniums in a large pot near my front door yesterday. I also have 2 hanging baskets with petunias verbena and lobelia. My nice husband came home early to help prepare the flowerbeds. Those are next.
Tascha I'm glad to know that you enjoy a garden even in a small space. The flowers love those cool Canadian nights. Art & gardening can it get any better?