Thursday, May 29, 2008

New prints in the etsy shop!

Hey y'all! Hope your week is going well. Just a quick post to let you know that I have added two new prints to my etsy shop. I have a sweet Frida print from a painting I did a while ago, plus the "cat walk" print is now available!

Hugs to all!


michelle said...

Love them! Great colors!

renee b - aka paintedskywoman said...

Oh the bottom one is just beautiful. The colors are fabulous. I love the all the different patterns.

Vickie said...

They're bright and beautiful, as always. I love the starry night sky.

happycathy2 said...

1. i sooo hope that you read comments in old posts!!!
2. i sooo enjoy your art and blog! - not just the art part, the life part too! :)
3. ok.. i have just started to paint: loooooove it!! (even if i was sooooooooo clumsy in grade school... - i doesn`t matter... it makes me happy :)
TASHA!!! - the colors i have in my head are like that pink on the blanket and the green on that sheet: for the life of me, i can't mix those colors - especially the happy pink - and i went to an art shop (that seemed to have good prices from what i had looked up on the internet: and when i got there, happy colors - the guy didn't know what i was talking about: TASHA....... WHERE DO YOU BUY THEM?!?! a. plllllease tell me they are acrylic (that's all i know right now)... please tell me they are not too expensive.. and can be bought on the internet where they ship to canada... - i will cross my fingers!!!! and... will also cross my fingers you'll read this.. THANK YOU!!! have a magical day :) (i have a slow phone internet connexion.. so i can't truly enjoy your videos.. but some day!! :) )Catherine :)

tascha said...

HI Catherine!
I use all kinds of acrylic paints. The best are from the company "Golden" I also like "Liquidex". The green is a lime green color and the pink is fuchsia.

happycathy2 said...

pssst.. THANK YOU!!! for taking the time to answer!!! (i'll have a clue when i go hunting for those happy colors!! :) - THANK YOU Tasha!!! :)

happycathy2 said...

ioops.. i wanted to edit to add: have a nice-nice day!!! :) catherine :)