Friday, May 2, 2008


Wood burning is fun! (A little dangerous...but fun...)

I've been painting on wood for years and really enjoy it. I love the way the paint soaks into the wood. Lately I've been experimenting with pyrography, which is wood burning. The tool, which looks like a soldering iron is used like a pencil to draw images on wood. It's pretty fun!

"Angel of Love" is currently available at auction on ebay.


suze said...

I haven't done woodburning in years! Forgot all about it...thanks fro bringing it back.
Have a great weekend.

Julie Ayotte said...

I had a woodburning kit when I was a little girl--I LOVED it! I so wish I could find it now. :)

Carolyn said...

i LOVE woodburning! there is a beautiful decorative techinique in Poland of woodburning... I'm not exactly sure of what it's called but I have a few small trinket boxes that feature this style. It's mostly circles and patterns, then painted or stained.
I would like to try my characters on a box like you have done here, you've created a delightful little place to hold treasures!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hi Tascha, I haven't tried that myself. I see the kits for sale at Micheal's all the time. I think about it as I am walking by. But I haven't taken the plunge yet. Sounds like it would be fun though. Your piece turned out really cute.


Ms Dragonfly said...

sounds fun! looks beautiful :)

Ms Dragonfly said...

thank you! he is feeling much better :)

suzi blu said...

I woodburned a box today. for the first time. ever. (on a box). Im putting it up tomorrow.
Must be that Canadian internet sex we have :D

the enchanted pumpkin said...

very pretty!

mazemaster said...

Hello Tascha

Can you recommend any classes in Toronto where I can learn how to do this artform.