Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A follow up...

I just want to follow up to my last post about grey hair.
I have nothing against people dying their hair. I totally understand the love of *color*! When I was in Art School I colored my hair BRIGHT PURPLE! (I will have to find a picture) I felt like a peacock with my bright, blinding purple hair. I thought (and still do) that it was very pretty. Likewise dying your hair to become a redhead or platinum blonde is stunning and fun for the eyes. I appreciate the creativity of hair and makeup. Heck, I even was a makeup artist for a couple of years! I dig it for it's artistic expression. But for me now, I feel like I am going to face something (AGE) head on by looking it in the mirror everyday and accepting it. This is just me. I don't have an office job where there are the pressures to look a certain way. I am lucky to work at home and have a boyfriend who is very welcoming of my hair becoming grey. So I am lucky that my situation is such and this makes the choice for me a lot easier than for most people.
Anderson Cooper is one of the only young people in the media I can think of who is going grey....and of course he's a man. There aren't many women willing to let it be. It's hard for a woman to go grey. Like I said, thanks to my special circumstances I am able to, quite freely, make the choice to go grey. I fully understand that the choice is not as easy for others. As I said in my last post, it's what's inside that counts, whether you dye your hair or not :)


crafty said...

Good on yer gal, new motto

Beauty is within, what's the point of looking all nice and new on the outside and hiding inside is the real person ........... a bad egg !!!!!!!!!

greyt art work
crafty in italy

catboxartstudio said...

Here's to you, going grey, accepting it and knowing that what's inside is what really counts! YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT!

Dee said...

Hey Tascha,

I read your last posts. You know I have grey hair and I don't let it bother me too much. I think it adds character to my face! I think lines and grey hair ALWAYS do.

You are the age you think you are and all the colours on your palette ..they scream YOUNG AND FRESH and ...and.....'LIFE''.

Oh I have to tell you coz I found her in your favourites list....CHOPSTIX WAITS is so amazing. I blogged her!!!

Have fun and make a video for us soon. Love your videos and art.



MiKa Art said...

You are a most talented, beautiful, wonder woman!

I hope, one day, I can have a very nice white hair to match my white toy poodle :-)

shelagh said...

Hi Tascha,
Good for you. It is a hard decision to go "au natural". I colour my hair with the wash out stuff and my grey soon shines through as it fades away. I have not gone the permanent colour course yet because for me, it will become too stressful to keep up with it. So many women colour their hair that no one really knows what natural aging looks like and how early it starts. We are at the mercy of all the tv/magazine ads and the pressure to be "ever youthful".
Yay Tascha!!
PS. I think the smell of it is horrible too. Can't be good for you.

Debra said...

Okay I do not mind going grey either, that said though i hate that salt and pepper stuff. really i have always wanted to go "white", you know like the older women in pictures or even like Emmy Lou Harris (I love her white hair). I think it is very softening for the face. My luck though I will be that tacky salt/pepper wirey stuff my father had....bummer because my two uncles have the most beautiful soft wavy white hair. Yeah and they probably had long eyelashes too, its so unfair...

suze said...

Congrats on the grey! I have the white stuff poking thru, but still use color. I remember as a young girl begging my Mom to color her hair. I used to call her my grandmother. All my friends had young Mom's and mine was older and she was prematurely grey. She wouldn't do it!
I am with you on the beauty on the inside issue. It's the same when you are overweight. People judge you. My own niece wouldn't have me be a part of her perfect wedding (we are only 8 years apart in age) because I was a size 14. And now I will never have a flat tummy because I have my husbands 6 pound kidney transplanted in my mid section. I don't worry about what other people think. They don't know me or my story. I know I am a good person.
Hey thanks for letting me vent!
I would love to see the photo with the purple hair! Sometimes I color the white section of my hair with pink.
Don't sweat the small look beautiful!!

Erzsabet said...

Hi Tascha,
I had a little giggle at your post, because I too, am going grey, (just at the front)and was quite surprised that it's happening!! Don't know why, 'cos I'm in my early fifties! But you are right-we should just accept it, 'cos it's going to happen anyway! Love your art, by the way-you are very talented.

Di said...

Wow! Tascha, what a great post. So interesting. I blogged today about "beauty". About women and inner beauty. I love your choice and it's the same for me. But it is about choice. It's also easy for me being at home and having a man in my life who celebrates who I am and loves me no matter what; dyed hair, gray hair. Doesn't matter. Anyway, thanks for sharing. x

DeeDee said...

I have been 'natural' for about two years now. At first I worried a bit that I looked older, blada blada... But now I really like it - actually prefer it to how it looked when dyed.
And isn't it funny how looking older is necessarily considered a bad thing!?

Shropshire Scrapper Suz said...

Hi Just found your blog 'cos l was looing at pyrography (yours stood it)
Reading the blog saw the 'going grey'...have just decided to do the same...have gone white at the sides and grey on top lol...bit like a scunk! LOL...but had enough of the monthLy roots thing so going for it..thanx for the blog inspirational...adding a link to mine..hope thats ok