Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday night video

Hi beautiful people!
I made you a little video to keep in touch. If the video freezes, pause it until it is done buffering or fast forward it a little.


Blog Artists said...

Aaahhh, that was a lovely great to see you in person/ know what id meant.
Will be staying in touch and LOVE Mr. Wolfy!.
Thanks for sharing!!!

Susan said...

What a cute video. I can relate to the less than perfect sculpting skills. I am much more comfortable drawing than sculpting. Your little blue wolf is cute, though. Thanks for your sweet comment on my clown pillow. Take care and have a great weekend! Susan

Heidi said...

I heart your video post! And its easier than reading a long post, hehe. Anywho I just wanted to say that Mr. Wolfie is adorable! You did a fabulous job making him! I bought some paper clay a few years ago and then never did anything with it. He would make an awesome puppet. My sister heads up a Convention and Visitors Bureau here in Iowa and just last night she told me she (her CVB) is paying $700 for a local artist to come with her puppets to a senior event. How cool would that be? You could make your own puppets and go to schools and events with your puppets. You could give out your card with your web address. The Puppet company she hiredchas a You Tube video "Eulenspiegel Puppet" I think if you want to see it would find it. My sister and I watched it last night along with "Mean Kitty Song". I know how much you love your kitty. Check it out and have a great day!

andrea said...

Love Mr. wolfie.Can't wait to see how you finish him.I think a hand puppet would be cute!
What is it with art teachers anyway?I wrote about 1 of mine a few posts back.You're so talented.Even your wolfie sculpture!I don't have as much luck with paper clay,but I keep persisting.Keep us updated ...

City.Girl.Em said...

Hi really is nice to see you 'in person'. You seem so fun and carefree. I think your first jab at sculpting was a success, really. I think if you practice, you will get the hang of it, and your goal of creating some puppets will come to fruition. Just keep it up. You of all people can do it.

Hugs to you...Em

nollyposh said...

Lol! Cute video X:-)

AnneW said...

lol you're too cute Tascha. One of the nicest things about paperclay is its so forgiving (I assume you're talking p'clay.. actual clay mixed with paper.). I took a workshop with Rosette Gault (the paperclay guru) several years ago and I always thought that it would be great to use with kids. Seems a lot more plastic and has properties that break all the rules of regular clay. Did you know you can add wet paperclay on top of dry and wet paperclay to a bisque piece, and fire it successfully? Check out her site if you haven't already ( She has a great book about it as well.
Cheers! Anne

Amy Sullivan said...

~I could not get your video to work~
~And, that made so sad, I mean really sad~ but, my putor has been bad today~ because~ we have SNOWW~
I know this does not excite you~ but, here in Richmond Virginia~we have NOT had real SNOW for 4 years~
~Go sere the picture I took of Rowan tonight~
~We have a Snow-Day tomorrow~ her 1st. Snow-Day since she has been in school~

Pilli Pilli said...

:) Wonderful!

Thank you so much for this message! It makes you into 'a real person' (OK, I know that might sound a little weird...), but what I mean to say is that it's really nice idea to put a voice to the writing!

Well done!

Best wishes,
PilliPilli Handmade

Funky Art Queen said...

Tascha you are such a cutie! Love this video and I'm glad you shared it. Lets see more like this. FUN FUN FUN

Jill said...

Your video is great! I too was not the star student in sculpture class. The most fun I had in there was when my friend & I had a big plaster fight with the teacher after class one night-ha. I think Wolfie would make a cute puppet if his head is hollow. You should also do Red Riding Hood & kitty puppets. Happy Monday! ~ Jill

suze said...

Hey Tascha...nice video. It's always fun checking in with you. I like your little sculpture and whoever said it has to be perfect? I love all things that are "whack-a-do"
xo suze

turquoise cro said...

O! I can't wait to get my stickers and pins!!! I think Wolfie is cute!!! I want to try that paper clay, is it like paper mache' or what???!! I think I will go to that person's website to get the recipe for paper clay! Hugs and Kisses to YOU too, YOU beautiful person YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

as i always say n mean,ur work is so inspiring.
my life isnt going well these days...................thank god u r here with ur beautiful artwork.the best time of the day is when i open my account n watch ur paintings n ur videos.
thanks a million.
u r a real friend.

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...

Tascha, You are soo talented and this video is just so funny! Well, I guess because I can relate. The kids are always asking me, mom, can't you make ANYTHING three dimensional?? I love your little wolfie, the stickers are fantastic and the packaging is GREAT! THanks so much for all your videos and sharing your techniques. THis is such a happy place!!:)

Jenn said...

cute tascha! your wolf is perfect!! I love him to bits...

Rachael Kinnison said...

Hi Tascha! I always love your videos~ your so bubbly! I LOVE your lil wolfie there, and you know, if you havent make him up yet, you REALLLYYYYYYYYY should make him into a CONE puppet! Have you seen them~ I dont know the exact name for them, but the lil puppet is on a stick, that comes up thru the cone, and so you pull on the stick and make him hide down in the cone, or push it up and out he pops~ ohhh you would do AWSOME with that I know it!
You & Jane have inspired me so much~ I love the videos....I have had my camera for over 5 years at least, and JUST found the button on it to take a video~ DUH! you tube takes sooooooo long to upload~ mabey I will try the blogger it easier you think? I think adding a video takes the blog from being fairly annonomous to really personal.
xoxoxoxo rachael

Allison said...

I just found your blog through Susan at "A Walk in the Park" and I love your artwork! I really enjoyed this video - what a great idea. Will be back to visit!

Laurahtje said...

I enjoyed watching your video!
And that wolf head was pretty darn good I thought.
I was a painting and drawing major the first time I went to college then went back later for photo and digital art, so when I tried to sculpt i spend hours making what I would call "a blob". lol
And a friend of mine that is a professional sculptor, stopped by. (He sculpts comic book models etc)He saw my "blob" and made it into a detailed portrait bust of one of our friends who wasn't even there in less than 15 minutes. I never tried to sculpt again.
So I know what you mean by you couldn't see in 3-d. But I think your wolf was good! It was far from a blob that's for sure!
Oh and I love my stickers, pins, shirt and tiles. Everyone comments on how beautiful they are.
Your wooden doll reminded me of fisher price too. I used to spent all day playing with the fisher price castle, village and the ferris wheel. Ah memories.
You are such an inspirational artist.