Monday, March 31, 2008

Art Talk Radio

Today I did my LIVE interview on Art Talk Radio hosted by Niki Jackson.
You can listen to it here

(*Correction* In the interview I called my one character "Little Lulu", when I meant to say "Little Lizzy" LOL! I think I had Suzi Blu's dog Lulu on my brain!)
Thank you all for submitting your questions!
(((hugs to all!)))


michelle said...

that was so fun to listen to! You did a wonderful job!

A Painted Journey said...

Tascha, you were wonderful!! And so was Niki! It was just great hearing about your inspirations and your dedication to what you do - and to hear that I'm not the only night owl!!! Great job! Can't wait to see some of your mom's work as well! ... Donna

Annie said...

Thanks for sharing that interview, it was such fun to listen to.
I'm looking forward to seeing your warm weather Toronto videos. As well as more paintings of course.

LINDSAY said...

Hi Tascha,

I very much enjoyed your interview. It was nice to have peek into your day and inspirations!

Pajara Pinta said...

Hello Tasha! I just wanted to tell you how much I love your work! I'm a fan from now on!!! I linked you in my children illustration blog and I wrote a post in my other blog (this one is in Spanish, the latter in English and Spanish)

Hope you like it!!!

such great paintings!!! I love them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tascha...what a delight to have the opportunity to listen to this interview after a very long day at work. You are always such a delight and your kind, caring spirit shows through in all you do. Niki seems quite delightful as well. Thank you for sharing your life and outlook with us...Elizabeth

RAWVOLTA said...

Tascha, I love the interview! You shared lots of great points, my Spirulina Girl! It is also about errands, I can see that;-)I love that YOU are not ..overtokative;-) or too high-talker;-). Very straight-to-the-point ( sorry my Polish-English;-)but soft and helpfully informative.
Wish me luck, blog-Friend, I am trying and will try harder!;-)
Always glad to email YOU.
Have a great night in Your Fresh Canada!