Saturday, March 1, 2008

Midnight kitty new on etsy

If you have cats, you know the old "cats are nocturnal animals" thing.
They just love to rip around and run across your face when your sleeping!
Luckily for me, I am usually up all night so, when I'm ready for bed, so are they.
They still try it at 5 am sometimes.

I have a new painting listed in my etsy shop called Night-time Cat.

***This painting is now SOLD***

Have a fun and sunny Saturday!

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whidbey islander said...

hey, tascha: have been enjoying your blog and videos lately.. new to the whole blogging scene. quick question for ya....happy with eblogger? am seriously thinking of setting up shop (also an artist; collage, encaustic and printmaking) and need your advice! any suggestions greatly appreciated! ox - wendy from whidbey island

tascha said...

HI Wendy!
Thank you so much for stopping by!
I am very happy with blogger! It is easy to use and there are a ton of really nice and friendly people who belong to it.
HOpe to hear from you again!

Krissysart said...

Hi Tascha. Yes, I have 2 black cats who are CRAZY!. In my last house, we had big beams across the ceiling which the cats would lay on. Many a night I was 'attacked' by a falling feline as I innocently made my way to the kitchen for water. And since they are black, you never quite could see what hit you!

Jenn said...

Tascha, she is so adorable!!!
Happy weekend to you:):)

Kim Hardt Originals said...

What a sweet painting Tascha. I love Black Kitty Kats. I only wish I had one in real life.


Marie-Louise said...

nice, very nice!!!!!!!!!!!

michelle said...

So cute! Lucky new owner!

whidbey islander said...

oh, tascha: many thanks.....i think i'll just have to get on-board with this whole blogging thang. love it and appreciate you input!! this is the confirmation i needed.... yeah! not to mention loving your work.....saw you thru suzi blu.......beautiful. dreamy. my nickname is "bunny", so i guess you know which are my fav paintings. teeheehave a super-fine week!! wendy

Diane Duda said...

This is a cutie, Tascha!
Congratulations on the quick sale.


LuLu said...

Bonjour Tascha! I finally found some time to write on my blog and read what fellow bloggers have been up to... Love the pics of the shoes, I'm going to get a pair too! Love all your new paintings, especially this new Night Cat one. Ah! I have 5 cats in my house, all masters of the domain, and they drive me nuts when winter is nearing its end. They need to get outside in the grass! But we love cats (love dogs too, any animals actually) and will never refuse refugee to a newcomer...Please come and visit my blog when you have a minute! Just wanted to make sure you knew that my YEAR OF THE RAT ART EVENT is ending tomorrow night, March 4. A bientot, Tascha!

Heather said...

Your paintings are so adorable, I love them!

MiKa Art said...

This is so cute!!

Javier Gonzalez Burgos said...