Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I was included in Anne's list of "100 great etsy artists"!

Oh Happy Day!

Anne from Thing of Beauty sent me a message to say that she included me in her list of 100 great artists @ Etsy you might want to visit!
She really knocked herself out making special banners for all one hundred people. WOW!
I feel so honored to be picked to be among such a vast array of talented stars.

Thank you so much Anne!


Click HERE to see the list.

PLUS I just found out that a new blogger friend Donna Atkins wrote a little entry about me. Thank you so much Donna you are the sweetest!
Click here to read it :)

I do feel like queen for the day!


Niki said...

Wow that is awesome! Congrats Tascha.

Donna said...

Tascha, that is wonderful!! Congratulations!! You are clearly "Queen for the Day" because I featured you in today's entry on my brand new blog!! I hope you like it! Here it is...


ickleson said...

That's fantastic, congratulations. x

the enchanted pumpkin said...

congrats for being picked! i absolutely love my print from you!
many huggs

Lina said...

That is wonderful! Congrats!

LINDSAY said...

What a wonderful list to be included in. Alot of talent there!

suze said...

CONGRATS! You deserve it!

michelle said...

Wow weren't you in great company?!

aprylian said...

Way to go, Tascha! and I had to post your Etsy find video on my blog. You are so fun to listen to--and so sweet to share your finds, and your fun personality. Hair issues? Huh? I love your hair!!!



LuLu said...

Oh, Tascha! This is wonderful! This is a great list of artists, many to be discovered. But... you are the best! Hey, you are doing very well with your Fridas! Each of them is prettier than the other! I love painting Frida. I have been a her casa azul in Mexico and the atmosphere or her studio was just incredible. We must work on a painting of her together one day! Take care, LuLu