Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Night owls

Any night owls out there? I guess it is the combination of not having a 9-5 job and not having kids that leads me to stay up till 3 am most nights. I always *intend* to go to bed early....but it never happens. At night I feel like I am able to paint without any interuptions. The phone won't ring, nobody will knock on the door, all the stores are closed so I can't go out anywhere even if I wanted to. All these facts make it a perfect time for me to paint. My cats like it too because they start to get silly at around midnight. Am I the only one up at these crazy late hours? It feels that way sometimes. I look out my window and I only see one other light on across the street in the other apartment building. I wonder what they're doing up so late? LOL!

"NIGHT OWL" is available on etsy right now.


Carol said...

Tascha, I definitely have some night
owl habits although I would like to break them. At least you are doing something productive; I'm usually reading or watching CNN.

tascha said...

I must confess, I watch a lot of CNN too. It's pretty bad when I see/hear Larry King at 9 and then midnight and then 3 am! (I usually have CNN on in the background as I paint)

suze said...

I am a night owl also. I try not to be, but I don't start to function until late afternoon anyway so why fight it? I love the little owl on the painting...cute!