Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cats don't like water

A year ago I bought this water fountain for Lily when she was a kitten. (See the urinal-type-looking device on the floor)
Well I got it for Lily because she wasn't drinking enough, but, it scared the liver out of her... so I stopped using it.

Today I thought I'd bring it out and show Opie, maybe he would like it.


Water and cats just don't mix. Everyone knows that. But I guess some cats do like these fountains and enjoy drinking from them. Opie touched the water with his paw and realized it made his paw WET and that was enough of that game.

P.S. Yes, I do spoil my cats rotten :)


Cynthia said...

a couple of our kitties like water ... they like for us to turn the bathtub faucet on to a small stream and they play in it.
They would probably reject the fountain though. LOL!

tascha said...

Lily used to like the bathroom sink when she was a kitten. She would watch the drips, so I thought she'd like the fountain...but she didn't. Maybe it is the sound of the motor that scares her...?

Anonymous said...

My cat used to like the bathroom sink too. AND I got her a fountain too. AND she hated it. I donated it.:)

Carol said...

I love the fancy little chair that Lily is lying on.

tascha said...

Tyn, That's a good idea to donate the fountain you had.
Thanks Carol, Lily loves that chair. Opie knows it's hers and he doesn't ever sit on it.

suze said...

My crazy cat sticks his paw in the water then licks the water off of his paw.And loves to play in the bathtub.

Diane Duda said...

Just found your blog via Suzi Blu's. I've loved your paintings forever and now I get to love your kitties, too!
Hope you don't mind if I visit often. :)


tascha said...

Thanks so much! I do hope you visit often!

tascha said...

HI Suze! Yep, Lily used to do that. Cats are so funny with their silly stunts!

Cris, of Meloearth said...

Hi Tasha, nice to see your blog, didn't know you had one until I looked at your eBay ME page. I'm going to add you to my links in my blog later.

Hey, that cat bed...I've been bugging my husband to make some pet beds that I can sell. Did you make that one? Your kitties look so healthy!


tascha said...

Hi Cris! Great to hear from you again!
I bought that cat bed off of ebay a long time ago. I just love it! I have always thought of making cat beds too, but I don't have the tools to do it. If you've got the tools and space to make them I say GO FOR IT! I think handmade cat beds would be really cool!
Talk to you soon!