Monday, October 15, 2007

...and the winner is....

Thanks to everyone who entered! Your ideas for pizza toppings made me very hungry :)

Please excuse my raw video for the draw, I could barely figure out how to get it to work!

I have sent an email to the winner via their blog, so please contact me when you get it with your address.

I'll be having more draws soon so if you didn't win this time, maybe next time you will.



J Crosby said...

That was very well done! :) Loved the guest appearance by Opie. But... what will you do when you have hundreds of entries? ;-)

tascha said...

Hi Janet!
I really wish Opie had pulled out one of the entries! He usually can't resist a scrunched up piece of paper.
I hope that didn't go too long....I wanted to make sure everyone who entered knew they were in the draw...if I get hundreds....I don't know...I guess it will be a very lonnnngggg video! :)

Cynthia said...

I am so excited to have won!!

The video was great. Love you kitty!

Thank you so much!!!!

Anonymous said...

o.k. next time a little warning because I almost spit coffee out my nose. :) very creative and cute, and love the guest appearance by an uncooperative Opie! Why do they like to sit on the keyboard anyway?? I have the same problem. Thanks for letting me play along!!!
(say it like Tine of a fork!)

MiKa Art said...

LOL, the video is so cute! Opie is a very handsome cat!!

Diane Duda said...

Yep, that's how you say it. Do-da. It's only been my name for 17 years. My husband's had to live with it all of his life. :)

Congratulations, Cynthia!

- we did have pizza that night, and the tuna helper tonight. both were tasty. :)

tascha said...

Hi Diane!
Sorry that I stumbled a bit with your last name, I was reading all the names via the computer monitor :)
I think I made a few mistakes!

turquoise cro said...

Phew! My slow pc just about made me go BONKERS!!!with anticipation!!! hehe Opie is soOOoOOo cute and that's how it goes, when YOU want them to perform, they don't! Congratulations!!! Cynthia!!YOU lucky girly!!! BRAVO!!! Tascha! Kisses to the kitties!!!