Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wishing you GOOD fortune

This gypsy fortune teller has let me know that you can expect GOOD fortune in your future!

She is one of my newest paintings on ebay.
When I was a little girl I would often dress up as a gypsy for Halloween. I would wear my mom's big hoop earrings and a scarf on my head and Voila! I was a gypsy :)
This painting has shimmering gold stars all over and sparkly mica flakes in her crystal ball!

I also have a cute little Frida painting up for grabs on ebay. It has the nice chunky sides to it that I love. She is all decked out in her bright green dress with a nice cardinal on her arm.

HUGS to all!


Micki said...

Love the gypsy, I used to dress up as a gypsy for halloween too lol!

Micki x

allison said...

oh! she is so lovely! said...

Really adorable!

Bonafyde said...

OMG Tascha! This has to be my all time favs from you (so far)...LOVE her lady like painted nails and all the details in the background. LOVE this painting!

iHanna said...

Both are just so adorable Tasha, and thanks for the fortune telling! :-)

Have a nice weekend!

Giovanna ♥ said...

Love the gypsy!! I love everything gypsy!! Your paintings are always so beautiful and inspiring!

Юлия Орлова said...

I very much love your works and have come to tell to you: You have an award to pick up from my blog! hope you find time to participate Have fun with it.