Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy cinco de mayo!

How is everyone today? Did you watch American Idol tonight? It's getting right down to the wire!
In celebration of cinco de mayo, I have a very colorful Frida painting to show you.
I love the rough paint strokes on her top and her (bigger than I normally do) hands.
As always Modigliani was a big inspiration on this one.

Frida with black cat is up for grabs on ebay.


City.Girl.Em said...

You, my dear, are a fabulous painter. This little Spanish girl is beyond sweet. Nice job on her hands.


andrea creates said...

No,not yet-I'm on Pacific time:)Getting ready tho'...
Great Frida!

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...

Oh Tascha, Your colors are stunning! Love this. Yes, I am an idol fan! I thought Adam stole the show.. although they all did great.. what talent!:)

sMacThoughts said...

Yes, I watched; they are so hard on the young girl, Allison, she is amazing. A very fitting painting for this day!

Naija said...

what is cinco de mayo?cute painting

Georgina said...

Love the painting!!! Cinco de Mayo is very popular here since we're just a stone throw from Mexico...and yes, we have now several confirmed cases of the swine flu..sigh. Cinco de Mayo is Mexico's independence from France. Not many people know that, but it's a good excuse to party!! LOL

Love your little Frida..hope to see more.


Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

Gorgeous Frida! I never get tired of seeing your Frida paintings, though the different hands are nice!

I have never heard of Cinco De Mayo either, but sounds like fun

America Alcala said...

Hi Tascha, I love your new Frida Painting, she is lovely! I hope you can take a look at my new Frida drawing! :)

3ster said...

Marvellous!! I love your style! :D

Jerdleluvsjapan said...

I'm lovin' the little kitty's face! So cute!

Anya said...

We love this painting :)
Special that ltlle kittenface ^__^
purss Kareltje
greetz ANYA

Tammy said...

Cutest face EVER!

America Alcala said...

Hi Tascha I wanted you to know I left you a surprise on my blog.....so please stop by.


America "Meri"

Funky Art Queen said...

She is so cute and colorful. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

Jane said...

Happy Mother's Day Tascha. I hope your kitties brought you breakfast in bed.
Love, Jane

lea goldberg said...

your work is beautiful tascha-and i still treasure the little wooden paintings i bought from you a few years ago!
love your cute videaos too!
best wishes

bLu eYd YoGi said...

no IDOL for me~ i'm TV free?! weird, i know. it's a long story. LOVE her 1 furry eyebrow! cutie cute!
LOVE u sweets!

AnneW said...

Hey Tascha! Looks like you've been busy busy!
Hope things are good with you! :)

Dean Grey said...


Another adorable Frida piece!

I love the loops of hair behind her ears.

Frida's looking more stylish than ever!


The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Love the frida, she's beautiful!!I love all your paintings.

Tammy said...

I love her! How sweet!

Laurahtje said...

Love the new painting!

Yes I do watch American Idol.
I voted for Allison and Danny.
(Danny is from Milwaukee so we all have to vote for him)