Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring is in the air!

I think soon it will be nice enough for me to wear my shorty coat outside!
My goodness, it seems like forever since I bought that jacket! I'm looking forward to wearing it!
In the spring mood I painted my newest painting Babushka and bear under the spring time trees. It is on an OVAL canvas! I love the feeling it gives on the oval canvas.

I've also been having fun making wee little aceo watercolor paintings.

This time it's Frida!
Both are up for grabs on ebay.
P.S. Thank you all for your suggestions on scanners!
Sounds like Epson is the one to buy! I will have to go looking.
Hugs to all!


andrea said...

Love the oval canvas too:)

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Evening Tascha, I love the Oval Canvas...I have never tried painting on one...your composition works really well.
And love the aceo.
I took your advice on where to get prints made...thank you...they turned out very well.
Have a great evening!

Karin Grow said...

adorable! They look like they're swaying to some lovely music or something. Karin

Bonafyde said...

Holy Cuteness!!!! I love your oval canvas it really lends an intimacy to the painting.

Deirdra Doan said...

HI Tascha..nice to come back and see you again...your paintings are so lovely and your to cutie...

I have been making dolls too..must be in the air...mine are going to be in ADQ in Winter..and your's were in Stuffed?

Happy Spring!!!

Janine said...

I like the way you modulated the painting you made on this oval canvas.
Very special.
I love it
Greetings from Germany

Micki said...

I'm a huge fan of oval canvases too, havn't done one for a while though *slaps own wrist*.

I absolutely adore your painting though it's just perfect in it's ovalness (that is totally a word)

Micki x

Hilary said...

How sweet! I love the oval canvas, I always think of picking up one when Im at Curry's, just to try it out. Your ACEO cards are awesome :)

Naija said...


cute orginal touch!have you ever painted boys??

Ronnie said...

Love how you curved all the elements inside the shape. Looks like a BIG HUG by mother nature. Your stuff looks all new and spring fresh done in watercolor. Sweet little aceo's!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

The oval canvas works beautifully for that piece and Frida is adorable!! So glad I found your blog through "Snippets".

Jeanne said...

My dear friend Dani posted a link to your website.

A lovely journal indeed.
Love Jeanne

I have always had siamese cats too.
Love them so much
Love all you post.

Eveline said...

Oohhh, I looove your shorty coat! Wish I could wear something like that..

Jill said...

The oval painting is adorable & LOVE the shorty jacket! I'd like one in red! Surely the weather will cooperate soon so you can wear it. Happy spring! ~ Jill

Dean Grey said...

What a friendly bear! Haahhaha.

Very cute!


Tammy said...

Harbourfront looks wonderful. I loved the "box of crayons" canoes/kayaks. Nice paintings, as always. Your art is so bright, and happy! I love it!