Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Fooling around here

How has your April's Fools been?
No fooling around here. I usually try and trick Morgan, but I couldn't think of anything this year. Did anyone get you?

I didn't get the condo. My offer was too low. Oh well, it was worth a shot! Maybe next time :)
I would love to live at sea like this sweet mermaid and her pet mer-cat:

She's my newest painting and is up for grabs on ebay.
I also have a few fun items in my etsy shop.
Here is a wee wooden Frida Kahlo doll:

Plus a NEW bookmark featuring "lil' red and baby wolfies":

The dancing bear is now a print! YAY:

Hugs to all!!!


glorv1 said...

I love your mermaid and of course Frida. I'm still trying to get a frame for my Frida I sent for. Once I get a frame, I will post it. Very nice work. Take care.

Anonymous said...

ahh.............well nobody tried any tricks on me this year.pretty boring i say.but i got a lotta sms from my old school time frnds reminding me how i was had by them in my childhood as i used to b too shy ..........but nothing this year.

anyways,.......i absolutely lov the doll [the colour combination is so nice n the background that u choose from the pop-up book makes the dolls look lovely]n the mermaid painting.bookmark too is quite cool.
great work.

lots of lov,

Vania said...

Your artwork is just lovely - love the bookmark idea, its great :)Val

Naija said...

cute painting..and the wooden doll

Debra said...

Love the cutey memaid/mercat. Bummer on the Condo though. Did they counter? My daughter and her boyfriend just had their counter offer accepted. Well I hope you have luck and find the "Condo" of your dreams.

MagicMarkingsArt said...

I think the mermaid and mercat are one of my favorites. My daughter was obsessed with drawing mermaids when she was younger, so of course, I'm partial to them.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Cute mermaid AND mercat!! Sorry about the condo but the right place will come along.

suze said...

Love the mercat!
Sorry about the condo deal...but everything happens for a reason. Something better will come along.
Tricks? They tried to tell me that all of my crayons were broken:(

tascha said...

Thanks everybody!
Ya, they counter-offered on the condo, but I went as hgh as I could go.

andrea said...

Sorry about the condo:(

Love your 'mercat'-so cute.

I didn't even have time to think up a good April Fool's trick-Oh well,next year:)

Janine said...

Hi Tascha
You seemed to be busy.
You did a good realisation with the Frida- doll.
I like it.
Have a good weekend

Dean Grey said...

The mermaid rules! (Who knew cats could live underwater! That's's a mer-cat!)


Laurahtje said...

My sister posted on facebook that she was engaged and she got me and my brother! That was the first time in a long time that I remember something trying to "fool" me.