Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sing a song

Hello beautiful people!
How has your day been going? Did you watch American Idol tonight? I like to watch it. It makes me happy to see people picked from out of nowhere become stars. Isn't it amazing that there are these people out there with amazing talent, that have it bottled up inside of them? They just needed a break. An opportunity! That is how I feel about ebay and etsy. It is so amazing that people can be given the opportunity to be able to sell their creations worldwide! People who would otherwise be doing a job that stifles their creativity.

I was really touched by the performance of a man named Paul Potts a couple of years ago on the show "Britain's got talent". He worked as a telephone sales person and had an amazing singing voice that no one knew he had! Here is a clip of him on the tv show. I am mentioning him because I just found out he will be singing in the same building that I go to the post office! I saw the sign last week. I am going to go, and see him sing, and cheer!!!

This year there is a darling lady named Susan Boyle who was on the same program. She is such a sweetheart! I just love her!!! You can see the clip of her singing here. Isn't she awesome? I heard that they wanted to give her a makeover and she refused! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

I leave you today with my newest painting.
Now go and create something!

Redhead angel and black cat are up for grabs on ebay.


America Alcala said...

I loved his singing! He even made me get teary eyed and Susan Boyle is Amazing! :)

angelique said...

I just watched Susan Boyle this morning. What a voice!! she looks like she would be a bundle of laughs.

Vickie Snow said...

Susan Boyle is quite the sensation. I'm glad she refused the makeover. That would spoil it all. I love your red head angel. The colors are so soft and calm. Thanks for telling us to go and be creative. I get so busy with taking care of family, house & the yard that I sometimes forget I'm an artist. It's bedtime now but I will create in the morning. I have a nice drawing I need to finish.

Anonymous said...

Tascha, she is so very sweet! Stunning!

Dean Grey said...


Yes, American Idol rules!

I actually nominated you for a Lemonade Award on my blog!

There isn't an e-mail address to contact you so I have to let you know here (sorry).



Francien said...

Paul Pott had his theeth done and that looks 100 x better now...but Susan Boyle is so great...she got caracter to say no to a makeover...And that little boy who performed a song by Michael Jackson...awesome...at first he was rejected and then.....I am sorry...I forgot his name but he is only 15 years...with a voice!!!
your newest painting is so adorable...love it...a redheaded angel and a black cat...no better combination...Ok I,ll go...to work...wish I could create like you!!!
greetings Francien.

LuLu said...

Bonjour Tascha! Your little red hair angel is lovely, like all the art you make. No, I do not watch American Idol but this year I got hooked on watching a French version of it, French Canadian I mean, called Star Academie. It works on the same principle but the artists are all under 24 years old. They were all so talented, it was simply amazing. And what an opportunity for all of them, even the loosers, Rene Angelil, Celine Dion's manager and husband, was the organizer of the contest and one of the judges. It was lots of fun to watch! Hae a great day! LuLu

Janine said...

Hi tascha,
We have kind of show in Germany too.
But we haven´t found a talenz like Paul Potts.
He became very popular in Grermany.
He is indeen a great singer.
I love your angel- painting.
She looks so absendmindet, as if she would be far away above the earth (propably she is). I love her red hair.
Have a good day

Ronnie said...

I've been hearing about Susan Boyle, but hadn't taken the time to see her until you offered the link.
I find myself sitting here crying my eyes out and blotting streams of tears with my shirt tail. Thank you for this! What a great story!
I gave your wolfie red tea party print to my sis for a gift last week. She loved it!

aliceinparis said...

My mum gave me Paul Pott's CD for Christmas. Susan B has an extraordinary voice. There is also a clip out there of her singing Cry Me a River, a song she did for a local charity cd. It is beautiful.She has a talent for sure. I'm sure Pebbles her cat, would agree:)

Carolee said...

What a darling painting!

I don't have television, but watched the clip of Susan Boyle on YouTube - just amazing!

And yes - I think eBay and Etsy offer artists such a wonderful opportunity to get our work OUT there!! I still pinch myself thinking creating is actually my day job, hehe!

Jill said...

Hi Tascha! I'm a big Idol fan too. Adam is brilliant (there is no way he won't win) but I also love Chris & Danny! Susan Boyle is outstanding & I'm so happy for her. Good for her that she refused the makeover! She is who she is & that should be good enough.
The new painting is beautiful~love the colors! ~ Jill

suziart said...

Lovely painting!

panchobrinks said...

Thanks for sharing those moving video clips. Love the soft colors of your newest painting. Her eyes glisten.

Flor Larios Art said...

Yes...I like both paul and Susan too. Amazing!!!
I watched America idol yesterday... I like Adam...hope he wins!
Your painting is awesome! I really like the combination of orange hues. Her face is very lovely.

andrea said...

I watch American Idol too~love it!
I also love your new painting,the colors are really nice:)

Naija said...

how cruel to offer a such a orginal cute lady a makeover..i think she looks adorable..

julie Haymaker thompson said...

lovely !!!

Dean Grey said...

That redhead.....what an angel!


Mandala Michelle said...

Love redheads! I wouldn't change Susan boyle but I bet she'd make a great redhead :-)

suze said...

Love the red head girl and her kitty! It's one of my all time fav's.

Karin Grow said...

Wow! what amazing voices. I totally wasn't expecting that. Brought tears to my eyes. Karin

Mirjam said...

Hi Tasha! What a beautiful painting. I love the colors and I'm a big fan of your work. I think you've got another fan in the scrapbooking community. I saw this kit at the scraporchard and immediately thought of you. If you would like to have a loof foor yourself.. here's the link: http://scraporchard.com/market/product.php?productid=17913&cat=283&page=1

Jenny said...

OOOH I love this painting. THe colors are so pretty