Friday, December 28, 2007

Have you ever wrestled a sofa?

Four years ago I decided I wanted a sectional sofa. A nice big sectional that would be comfortable for both me and my boyfriend. That it was. I would lay on one of the sides, my boyfriend on the other. But the sofa was so large that it took up half the room. I remember the struggle the movers had when they delivered it! They *barely* got it threw the door. My angel kitty Bailey would scratch at it. Since she had diabetes, I let her do whatever she wanted. The arm rests became slightly tattered.
Then I got Lily and Opie and they couldn't resist but scratch it too. It got a bit ridiculous looking after a while. I decided I just had to get rid of it, and buy something smaller....with less...scratch-ability.
My boyfriend and I wrestled this sofa out of the apartment today. And by wrestling, I mean drop down, wrestle. The sofa won.
We got ONE side of the sofa out...the other side refused to go. We paid the maintenance man to come up with a sledge hammer and break the sofa in half. It finally gave up and we wedged it out. Bye bye monster sofa.


lyn5 said...

A nice morning funny, Tascha!

Lily E. Lake said...

I am an art teacher in a town outside of Toronto. I just came across your YouTube videos of yourself doing your different art forms and spent probably about a half-hour going through them all. They are delightful. I really enjoyed your mini-book making lesson. If I had seen that before X-mas I would have done that for gifts and saved a ton of money buying crap, but maybe next year or birthday gifts. I will pass on your name to others so that they can see your work as well. Keep up the great work.

As a fellow painter and craftswoman I appreciate the skills you share with others. I wish more people would share like you have.

Thank you, Gchi-Miigwech (means thank you in Anishinaabe.Ojibwe).

Christine Clemmensen said...

Hi Tascha:) Happy new year. You cracked me up with your Horror-Sofa-Story:)) A few years back I had two cats, and I could only smile and nod at the shredded-arm-rests-bit:))
I've managed to cook up 5 art facts - thanks again for tagging me. Take care, and good new-sofa-hunt;) xo Christine

LINDSAY said...

Funny story! I've wrestled a heavy hardwood crib up to a third story apt. once, but I imagine the couch was much worse. My job didn't require a sledge hammer.

I'm asking around--do recommend a particular brand of brushes for acrylic painting? I want to order them online, so I won't be able to inspect them in person before-hand...any advice would be appreciated! :)

Susan said...

What a funny story. I hope no squirrels showed up while this was going. You are too much.
Susan K.

suze said...

Yes!My two daughters and I were trying to get a foam waterbed mattress across the basement. It was pretty empty but was still heavy.I laughed so hard I peed my pants!(And still trying to live it down.)

Sam I Am said...

What???? No pics of the Wrestling Match??? Now that woulda been a HOOT to see!!! heheheheeh
Glad no one was hurt in the 'match'...and hope you are enjoying the new sofa..and keep it 'scratch proof'
(squirter bottles filled with water soon as kitty wants to scratch..a quick spritz and they are OUTTA there!! )

Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

I wrestled a piano once. It lost to a chainsaw. :)

Anonymous said...

That is a great story Tascha! Sorry you had to suffer for it to come about...Bless you this new year and BIG THANKS for my sweet key's already on my car keys. Love, Jane