Saturday, December 15, 2007

Baby it's cold outside!

Well, there is a BIG STORM headed our way. Usually Morgan and I go to the grocery store on Sunday...but the news warned people to stay in tomorrow. So we went today :)
After grocery shopping we went out to do some Christmas shopping. We walked. UGH! One step forward, two steps back. It was so slippery!
I brought my camera along with me and I held the camera at arms length and snapped this shot of us out at Dundas Square.
(We're both a bit frazzled!)

We took the subway home because we both were too cold to walk back.


jamjar said...

What a lovely, happy photo, I hope you both keep warm and snug inside tomorrow. (I have got around the comment problem by opening a google account.) Joy.

Melody said...

I live just outside of Toronto and yes, were bracing for the storm also. Love your makes me feel happy