Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hey everyone!
Have you heard of PINTEREST yet?

Welllll, if you haven't you should check it out! I am just LOVIN' it! It is a website where you add pictures to your page in different sections. For example, I have a section of food that I like. When I see something on the web that is a nice photo of food and is followed with a great recipe, I "pin" it to my page. Then everyone can see it and if they like it too, they can pin it to their page. Think of Beonce's song "If you like it you should have put a ring on it", but change "ring" to "pin", haha, I saw a poster with that on it on etsy. So funny!

It is great for people who are redoing their decor and are thinking of different color combos, it's great for wedding planning, wardrobe ideas, hair and make up, the list goes on. So if you are interested in following me and seeing what turns my crank,:), here is the link to my page " Tascha Pinterest ". To join you have to either get an invite, or you can ask pinterest to let you join. I think you need a twitter or facebook account. Happy pinning!

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just me said...

I love it, just be careful whatever you pin goes back to the original person who designed, painted, cooked, photographed, etc. been alot of talk about copyright laws and pinterest lately.......ALOT! had a bunch of us ready to delete our accounts! lol I think they are trying to get it figured out, it is quite the genius idea!!! way better then filling up our hard drive with bookmarks of things we love.

Francien said...

Yes I am there and i am goin to follow you there Tascha if you dont mind because i like your art very much...greetings from Holland....Francien.

The Tote Trove said...

I've heard about Pinterest and have wanted to get an account started. It sounds like an artist's and fashion lover's dream!

Gloria said...

Yes I've heard of them and was going to join them but then I found out that whatever you pin on there may become their property. I was told this by a couple of blogger's who were members, so I decided not to join. Love your painting Tascha. Long time no see.