Wednesday, January 25, 2012


hello sweethearts!
Love is in the air. Soon it will be Valentine's Day. I really love (no pun intended...okay maybe a bit of a pun) Valentine's day. I love making Valentine's Day art. Pinks and reds and lots of hearts.
I've been pretty busy getting some deadlines done. I'm working away on the Author's Series paintings. They are going to look great as a collection of cards. I also am working away on the Sketchbook Project.

It's a good way to just let loose and try different techniques. The sketchbook project is an interested art show featuring art from around the world. They are going to be bringing all the journals to Toronto, I can't wait!
I have a new Valentine's Day painting over at My Etsy Shop. Frida with one of her loves, her kitty!

I should have a few more lovey dovey things in my shop soon. xoxo


Heather said...

aw, so sweet. love the first one and the color combos!

christygrant said...

You've inspired me, Tascha. I worked on a few things this weekend and was looking at my pieces of yours to try my hand at your style (classical style of learning art was imitating the masters as I'm sure you know). Anyway, I'm pleased with how they are coming out so far. IF you want to see: