Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I've dog-gone gone and done it again! I painted another doggie :)
This time it is a little Corgi with a neckerchief on. Look at his happy little face.
He's up for grabs on ebay.

Today was a heat wave! A tropical heat wave! Luckily I have air conditioning, so me and the puss cats were nice and cool.

Kitten kisses!


Tracey said...

I love Corgis! This is so cute!!
Glad you and the kitties are staying cool, it is really HOT here in Florida too!

Jill said...

Adorable! And I love the pink background. Yes, we have to give the dogs their day too I guess. Have a happy evening! ~ Jill

NanaBeast said...

I just love this! I understand that corgi dogs are very expressive and loving...and quite silly. Your corgi here has all these qualities in spades!

The colours you use in your art makes me happy. This is huge to me as I keep coping with severe depresive disorder. I can't purchase...YET (spend so much in meds and professional fees), but go to your shop and blog for browsing goodness. Keep it coming! Heartfelt thanks to you.

Paula: said...

Oh, thank you for this one! It looks like my Facebook avatar. Love to see those Corgi nub tails wagging!

Serpent Mandalas said...

Love the colours! :)

Bonafyde said...

So cute, and you really nailed the expression down!

Raven said...

Yer so cute...I'm partial to yer kitties, but I can appreciate this little pup too!

...Hope you are well!


Michelle said...

What a beautiful and happy painting! I love the doggies little red bandana!

Michelle :)

canngil said...

have you ever painted a basset hound in one of your pictures??