Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Note Cards

Thank you all so much for all your tasty ideas on recipes for the ground cumin! I think I will have to make some spicy chili with it! YAY! Three cheers for kidney beans! HIP HIP HORRAY!

I have added a new pack of Frida note cards to my etsy shop! I only made one pack, but I plan to make more.
Also, I should have more brooches added soon.

HUGS and chili kisses to all!


julie Haymaker thompson said...

Did you do any condo hunting over the weekend ? The cards are so sweet. They look like a deck of playing cards in the photo the way they are fanned out. julie

tascha said...

HI Julie!
As you know I missed out on the best condo :(
So I am patiently waiting for another one to come up in that same building. I hope one does soon!

elsiee said...

I love your Frida's in all her incarnations!

nollyposh said...

Oh reminds me of my childhOOd swap cards X:-)

Kelly said...

Mmmm...chili sounds good.
The Frida cards are darling.

Niki said...

Beautiful card set Tascha I love them! Best of luck hunting for your new home. Niki xxx

andrea said...

Oh so lovely :)

GumballGrenade said...

Very cute cards. You definitely need to keep making these!

Flor Larios Art said...

Hi Tascha,
Love your new banner and your photo...looking pretty!
The cards are awesome...and that Frida in particular is my favorite.

glorv1 said...

Those are really cute cards. Great job. Chili sounds good. All your Frida's are of excellent quality. Have a great Thursday.

Anonymous said...

These cards are so beautiful!!

Dean Grey said...


I love the new Frida note cards. What a clever little idea!

As Julie stated, they remind me of a deck of playing cards.

Cute (as always)!


Amanda Atkins said...

Hi Tascha!
The Frida notecards came out beautiful! Would you mind sharing what printing company you use? I love the rounded edges!!

aliceinparis said...

tres adorable!

tascha said...

I go to staples for the printing, and I round the corners myself with a little punch that I bought.

Janine said...

Hi Tascha,
I thought that this are playing cards.
That would be an idea too, wouldn´t it?

Léo-Vinh said...

Love that Frida!!
She had inspired me to lately!
I'll definitely come back on your lovely blog!

Selamii :) said...


You are so talented! I got to your blog through Etsy. Do you sell any of your original Frida pieces? If so, can you contact me w/pricing! I'm in New Haven, CT, USA


Allison said...

love the rounded edges - nice. who did you use for the cards? or did you make your own?