Tuesday, December 16, 2008

gift giving to save animals

Today on my way to the post office, I spotted a little stand set up in the middle of the mall.
It was the World Wildlife Federation. They had all kinds of different little stuffed animals lined up across the desk. I went over to see what it was all about. The WWF was selling the little stuffed animals for $40 and the $40 went towards saving that specific animal. COOL! I think it is a perfect gift to give someone! You get the toy plus a little "adoption certificate" and info on that animal. I got the caribou : I just thought I'd share this idea with you. You can see on the USA WWF website more info on this gift. Here is the CANADIAN WWF site. I guess it is too late to get them from the site for Christmas, but they make a cute gift for any occasion.


paintedskywoman said...

As a First Nations woman I am really glad you picked the Caribou. The Caribou is so important to the Inuit and Dene of the north. It is not just a animal to them. It is brother to them and that animals sustains them in some of the harshest climates in the world. If the caribou disappear, their cultures and people suffer greatly. Those animals are so important to not just the health of the land, but the health of the people who depend of those creatures for survival. Gchi-miigwech! Thanks for raising a bit of awareness on such an important foundation.

pinkglitterfae said...

Great idea Tasha! I didn't know they had displays anywhere, I have only seen these online. This is a wonderful gift for anyone who wants to make a difference, and they get to take home a cute cuddly stuffed toy!
We can't afford to let any more animals disappear!
I will be looking for these (missed out on this last year)

aliceinparis said...

Great idea. Thanks for sharing. If one was going to buy a stuffed animal for a child or new baby, this is the place to go. I love the idea of gift giving and helping a charity too. The caribou is very cute.

Ronnie said...

Great idea. Cute as a button caribou.

Angela Recada said...

What a wonderful idea! WWF does such great work.

Charitable donations seem to be on many people's minds this year. In my husband's family we're no longer exchanging gifts (really it's turned into exchanging gift cards!). This year we will be making a family donation to the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital (in Memphis, Tennessee, I think) in honor of my husband's young sister who passed away from cancer. St. Jude's never turns anyone away, and that's rare in the U.S. with the state of our health care system.

There are so many worthwile environmental and humanitarian causes, it can be hard to choose which to support. Thanks for sharing yours!

Best wishes and happy holidays!

suze said...

Good stuff. Tascha you won my drawing for the angel doll and she is on her way to you today. I hope you enjoy her.
xo suze

Veronica said...

This is fantastic. I so wished I had been there I would have also bought the caribou or moose. Tough choice. Fantastic blog by the way. Off to visit more of your blog