Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New prints update!

Hello beautiful people!
It's Wednesday humpity hump day. I am trying to get myself motivated to get out and shoot some video for a new art video I have twirling around in my mind. It is a sunny day, so I better get out while the going is good.
My leg is still red where I dropped the wood burning tool, but it doesn't hurt so that is good :)
My arm hurts where I got the Tetnus shot though. I was thinking ahead and told the nurse to put it in my left arm and not my right so that I could still paint :)

I have 2 brand spanking new prints in my etsy shop

Hope you are all having a super day!
I will talk to you soon!


Vickie said...

Two cute prints. Good luck with the video. I hope you don't have to be a super hero this time. Love your videos.

purplecat said...

Ooh Kitties! how lovely.
Hope your leg is better soon, guess its true that we have to suffer for our art!!

Walk in the Woods said...

Love the prints! Just love them.
Take care of yourself.

ironbru1 said...

I want some kitties in my pockets!

Glue guns and bare body parts dont mix either!

nollyposh said...

Beautiful kitties X:-) Looking forward to your next video (Aloe Vera for the burn-works wonders!)
X:-) Vicki

Dada's place said...

Hi Tascha

I like these new prints! Your style and your vivid colours are great.