Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bikinis and wood burning don't mix!

Oh, First I want to thank all of you for giving me so much pigeon love! Hug a pigeon today :)
All the credit goes to the amazing people who work at the Humane Society. They are the real heros!

Now, about bikinis and wood burning tools. Doesn't sound good does it?

I was laying out in the sun for a little bit...it is FINALLY nice weather. I don't advocate laying out in the sun, I do it very rarely.

Anyways, I thought I'd do some wood burning while I was out there (I don't like the smoke it produces, so I do it outside.).
And just as I feared would happen, the blazing hot tool slipped and hit my bare leg! It didn't bleed or anything but it is a red welt.
It has been about 18 years since my last Tetnus shot, I figured I better go get one. So I did.

Moral of the story, keep your pants on when working with wood burning tools. LOL!


Marie Greene said...

Oh my goodness, Tascha. I don't know whether to giggle or send you burn cream. Poor thing! This reminds me of when my mom decided to try out the treadmill in her underwear...

I'll make sure not to use my wood burning tool and bikini in the same activity. Thanks for the tip. *wink*

Tammy said...

Ouch! You poor thing. Get some aloe vera for the pain and to reduce the chance of scarring. Feel better soon!

Vickie said...

Ow! Just the tought! I went out and bought a wood burning tool a couple of weeks ago after seeing the wonderful things you did. I haven't tried it out yet. It's good to know it's an outside project. I'll do it out on the patio table and not put it off until winter. Hope you're O.K.
My Dad always says, "It will feel better when it stops hurting." Vickie

Shonna said...

Ouch....OUCH!! Just the thought of that makes me hurt! I hope you're ok. Are you producing a painting from the wood burning? I would love to see it.

Diane Duda said...

You are having quite a week, TAscha!


Dee said...

gosh Tascha....take good care.

aliceinparis said...

Pain! That must have hurt.
I had to get a tetanus shot this winter. Slipped on my driveway and got a concussion!!There was an abrasion on my skull so they gave me one. I bet your arm feels like it has a golf ball under the skin. Sore shot:(
Cheers, Shelagh xo

Carolyn said...

Hi Tascha! Yeowch! Be careful woman!
I couldn't read your story about the pigeons because I am afraid too, because I had a pet pigeon for over 15 years (he had injured himself in a storm and could never fly again:c ( so I kept him. He loved potato chips and the color red!
but I'm sure whatever you did in your pigeon story was kind, so thank you!

Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

I'm sorry for this unfortunate event. I hope you heal quickly. If it makes you feel better - it sounds like something I would do - but won't now because of your advice (and I'm not one that usually takes advice).