Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hello sweet people of blogland!
Sorry my blog posts have been a bit scarce lately. The world of technology keeps growing and there are more and more distractions. One of my big distractions is facebook :) I love seeing what everyone is up to at any given moment. But with these distractions I find that I start spreading myself a bit thin. I will try and keep up a regular amount of blog posts here on blogger.
If you don't already know, I do have what's called a "fan page" on facebook. It is really just a place where I can post what is new with me and my art.
The thing I love to do there is give away free prizes! I will say when I will be having a giveaway so that everyone can be ready. Then at the said time I post a message and the first person to respond to the message wins a prize. I love it! I am a big lover of prizes :)
If you haven't already joined I hope you do so that you can get in on these fun prize giveaways.
Here is the link to my FAN PAGE.

Frida will lead the way with her jar of fireflies!


Fair Rosamund said...

I am going to go check out your fan page:)

apinkdreamer said...

hi tascha! i'm eleni from rhodes, greece! i'm a great fun of yours! i adore your preety dolls you paint! they remind me so much of my childhood...i hope you don't mind as i used some in many of my collages! i have 1-2 in my blog www.apinkdreamer.blogspot.com
thank you!please keep creating!!!!you are fantastic!
oh! i have just become fun at face book too

Anonymous said...

just when I start to blog, I am already old school. lol

Ronnie said...

Great idea!!!

Dean Grey said...



I'm one of the few people who's NOT on Facebook!

Oh well.