Thursday, March 26, 2009

Honey Bear

Hello sweet bloggers!
Today our babushka friend is having tea time with a big bear friend of hers. He prefers to have honey instead of tea. Quite the sweet tooth he has! I love tea too. I really enjoy Yogi Tea because you get a little fortune of sorts on the tag of the tea bag. They are often very thought provoking. My favorite flavor is Egyptian Licorice. I like to put a bit of honey in my tea too. Me and big bear would get along great!
Honey Bear is up for grabs on ebay.
Snuggle up with some tea tonight.


andreaa said...

They are super cute!I love my tea with honey too:)
Take care-

Pilli Pilli said...

OMG!!! I love YOGI Tea too! Egyptian Liquarice and Ginger Lemon are my absolute favourites!
and those little messages are very thought provoking indeed...
(Yesterday evening I got: "A relaxed mind is a creative mind"... MELT)

Just the kind of tea to share with a hairy friend!!! ;-)

Well doen!

Best wishes,
PilliPilli Handmade

Naija said...

love it i also drink my tea w honey

Jerdleluvsjapan said...

The little girl's face is soooo sweet. Such precious eyes... I think I am allergic to an ingredient in tea because I get a sore throat and ear aches if I drink it :(. Wonderful painting!

Walk in the Woods said...

As always, a wonderful piece! Funny too, because yesterday I pulled out my little patch of bear fur as part of a simple earth-entered ritual. Bear energy - the energy of the strong, willful, protective mother ... who appreciates the sweetness in life! :)

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Too cute Tascha! I love the bear.
Have a great weekend!!

Carolee said...

Just adorable! The tea sounds wonderful too...I have about a gazillion different kinds, and always keep a cup at my elbow as I work. :)

~ Carolee

glorv1 said...

Hi Lulu! I just bought honey, I use it for tea as well and licorice, oboy that is my favorite thing.:) They look great sitting there enjoying a friendly tea. Have a great weekend.

glorv1 said...

Hi Tascha, I meant to type your name in my previous post, but I had just come from Lulu's and the name was still in my mind. Soooorrrry. Hava a great weekend.

Ale said...

It´s a beautiful friendly! I like all paints, you´re a great artis!!

Saludos desde Guatemala!!!


Bonafyde said...

Oh Tacha I love this one so much! Mr. Bear's expression is so full of character and he looks as though he & Red are engaged in a deep, thought provoking conversation!

I am a huge fan of tea and especially with Honey....Mmmmmm. I am intrigued to try Yogi tea and see what the fortune thing is about. I love stuff like of the main reasons I love Dove chocolates.

Giovanna said...

I love your new painting! By the way I'm soo happy I could find your stickers at your Etsy shop!! I immediately purchased them. They're for my beloved niece; she's going to be so happy!!
I also adore your Frida's jewelry box and the little mirror, but they were sold :(
Thank you for such adorable art!! :)

Janine said...

Every morning it applies for me: There is no life before coffee.
Nevertheless, for this charming bear I could think about changing habits :-)
Have a lovely weekend

Anna said...

What a fun painting! I love all of your babushka girls and that bear is just adorable. I've followed your blog for a while just lurking about, but I do have to say I always get excited to see what new paintings you have made. You do a great job!