Thursday, September 4, 2008

Halloween is in the air

With the start of school fall is in the air. Fall always reminds me of halloween. I don't know how I will get through this Halloween without eating candy! I've been tempted to buy a bag of mini chocolate bars every time I'm in the store. So far I have been victorious over it and not given in. Somebody pass the raisins will ya?

The new Halloween paintings are up for grabs at auction on ebay.


Walk in the Woods said...

Oh my . . . I love them! But I love this season and this particular holiday too. After all, Halloween is my birthday and what a nice gift one of these might make for me!

Vickie said...

They are fabulous.

Whimsies Folksies said...

These are adorable! HaHa!! I want to eat candy, too!

Victorian Lady said...

They are SO cute Tascha! What a wonderful little world you make...full of such adorable characters!


DeeDee said...

What about cookies sweetened with molasses? Or sugar free candy? I make carob fudge out of carob, dates, coconut, walnuts and a bit of vanilla. I could send you the recipe.

purplecat said...

Just love the colours

Dee said...

Lovely colours! I LOVE what you did with the background!

Connie said...

Love these!!!!!!!!

Peace & Love.

mystele said...

oh, tascha! these are great!

bLu eYd YoGi said...

cute halloween girls! u know what i do? i buy a REALLY nice DARK chocolate bar & put it in my freezer... then, when i have that irresistable URGE...i break off a TINY piece & let it MELT in my mouth!
p.s. r u ready to do the 'i paint u, u paint me?"

Theresa said...

The Halloween painting are fabulous Tascha!!!!!!!!!!!!



TNTrash said...

This time of year has always reminded me of that book "Something Wicked This Way Comes."

That is, until I moved to FL.

Nice Halloweenishness.

Also, my blog is now at

The only reason I'm putting that is 'cause blogger is being stupid about my open ID and I can't sign in with my wordpress. :(

DeeDee said...

I posted the sugarless fudge recipe on my blog if you want to try it. I forgot to say that it has peanut butter! The main ingredient!

tascha said...

Thanks DeeDee!

Diane Duda said...

I love them both, Tascha!
Great backgrounds.


~good luck with that willpower :)