Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Shoes!

Remember THIS POST? The post where I was OHHH-ing and AHHH-ing over those Camper Shoes?

Well, I KNEW I needed to get some shoes. My footwear consists of UGG boots...period. That is all I wear. My feet are tricky, it is so hard for me to find a pair of shoes that I can stand wearing. But I really love the look of Camper shoes, so I went to the store to try some on. I saw the two pairs from that old post, and I liked them, but the high heel pair were a bit to high for me. The ones with the leaves didn't seem to fit me right.
Then I stumbled upon these mary jane shoes! With a tiny heel! They look like the shoes that dancers wear when they do the tango. LOVE EM! I tried them on, and to my amazement, they felt pretty darn good!
They have a rubber sole and elastic on the strap.

I got 'em!
I look forward to wearing them with knee highs and skirts.
Finally a pair of shoes!


Victorian Lady said...

I love them! I had a pair like that a long time all time favorite shoes! I wore them out...they were the same kind my grandmother wore back in the day, and went with everything! :)

suze said...

You can't go wrong with Mary Jane's! They are my all time fav's.
I have troublesome feet also and usually have to get some SAS shoes.
I have been trying to get them to make a pair of MJ's.

michelle said...

Those are cute shoes! And cute tights too!

Carolyn said...

So so cute. I would skip in these...

Jenn said...

Put on your dancin' shoes!!! So cute:)

Thanks again sweet Tascha for my darling magnet. Wishing you a happy weekend:):)


Catherine Holman said...

Verrrry cute!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Very cute Tascha, How comfy are they? I think they are so you! Darling!


Lina said...

sweeeet shoes!

Annie said...

cute shoes, indeed!

Susan said...

Ohh, I just love them. I love shoes. When I find shoes that don't hurt, I buy the same shoe in different colors, just in case they stop making that style. I probably have nine pairs of new ones waiting for somewhere to wear them. Ah, well...
Anyway they are so cute, why don't you do a little happiness dance in them and put in on video???
Susan K.

suzi blu said...

you need to put taps on them!