Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I haven't forgotten about you Santa!

Santa must get pretty bummed this time of year. Everything "Santa" related is at least 50% off. How fickle are we?!!!
Well, I found this sweet little tape measure today at Chapters. You pull Santa's nose and out comes the tape measure!
50% off. Poor Santa. He must feel so used. Seems like we only will give him 100% in December.


sUz said...

Just discovered you through LuLu. Love your work, it's so inspiring!
I've added you to my favorite blogs/artists - I'll be back!
iN jOy,

sUz said...

P.S. I never thought about it before but Santa does seem to get the shaft this time of year! Poor fellow!

suze said...

I have a picture somewhere of Santa in his swimsuit on the beach, drinking something cool and yummy...I think he is glad to be done with December.

Melody said...

Too cute. I'd love a tape measure like that.....maybe next Christmas

LuLu said...

Bonjour Tascha! How's your spring coming along? We love ours here and are day-dreaming about this weather lasting forever...But I am sure winter will catch us soon around the corner!

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